Tj.bez's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written]

Hey all,

I’ll hopefully be doing some IFATC Training soon and will take the practical very soon as well. In the meantime, come and join me - drop me a reply here if you’re joining!


Current status: CLOSED


Departure Runway(s):

Landing runway(s):

Aircraft accepted: Any (Please be mindful of other aircraft types in the pattern)

Frequencies: Tower and Ground

More than happy to accept pattern work.

I noticed in some other tracking threads that people had intentionally taxied through grass or intentionally thrown some hurdle at the controller to deal with - don’t be that person, lets just have some fun :)

I’ll also take requests for future airports so if there is anywhere you want to see open in future, let me know!

Hope to see some of you soon.

Hey there. First of all thank you for your instructions. Here’s my little feedback:

  1. Transition: your aiport elevation is 499ft. Therefore giving transition allowance at or above 1000ft doesn’t makes sense. The minimum acceptable transition altitude provides 1000’ of separation from the highest pattern altitude which is by jets at 1500’ AAL. Therefore the correct transition should have been at 3000’.

  2. Wrong runway alignment: was good. You immidiately reacted to my wrong rwy alignment.

  3. After my first T&G you gave me a pattern entry again (enter right downwind) which wasn’t really necessary since you already instructed me to make right traffic at my first approach.

  4. Runway change was also good. No problems here.

Everything else was pretty good. Thank you again for your service :) and hope these inputs will help you a bit. Wish you good luck!

Hey there,

Thanks for joining me, and your feedback!

I’ll have a double check at the guidelines on this one. I was a tad hesitant anyway but seeing as there was no other aircraft in the airspace I figured there was no harm in letting you stay at your current altitude.

I thought all inbound aircraft was given a pattern entry but will double check. In any instance, I can’t see any harm in being super clear, especially on Training Server or if there is a sequence of traffic?

Thanks again for your time!

Reopening at KSEA 17.00Z. Details updated above :)

I’ll stay open for another hour or two, depending on traffic 🙂

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