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Hi Guys, I was trying to edit a post title, but the editing icon isn’t there. Does anybody know why?


(P.S: if this for some reason is in the wrong section, I apologize!)

can you please provide a screenshot?

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If you want to edit other users’ titles, you cannot until you reach the regular rank (TL3). You can, obviously, edit your own titles though but I believe there is a 3 month limit in doing so.

You have 3 months to edit, after that it effectively becomes locked.

Recommend flagging it to the mods and opening a new one if required.

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ohhh, that most is over 3 months old so you cannot edit that one.

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Am I allowed to repost this thread and have someone close the old one?

i would ask the mods and see what they would want.

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Usually for VAs if you PM a mod we can unlist the old one and you can do a new one.


Thanks guys, really appreciate the help!

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