Titan B763 near Amsterdam on Mar 19th 2017, loss of cabin pressure


The Mayday was declared at 0943 UTC by the Boeing 767 (reg. G-POWD) due to depressurization.

The plane, flight number AWC941, was on the way to the Polish city of Rzeszow.

The Boeing 767 safely landed at Amsterdam Schiphol.

Hundreds of people travel to the tomb stone of Elimelech Weisblum today to pray. This is a yearly trip and charter flights are arranged from London every


Damn that would have been very scary

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The Boeing 767 safely landed at Asmterdam Schiphol.

Good, congratulations to the pilots and I hope nothing happened(no injuries)

Was this on behalf of Ryanair? I think they have a Stansted-Rzeszow service regularly…

That totally didn’t take me 5 minutes to spell

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Ooh 😲
That was a close one! Remember the last time a plane got lost cabin pressure…


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