Titan Airways Airbus A320

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So, being a local to the UK, I fly out of London quite a lot. Many of these times, charter airlines have a lot of flights from airports around England. One of these charter airlines is the charter airline Titan Airways, based in Stansted. They operate some of their A320s for airlines like easyJet, British Airways, of which they do so if there are unexpected operational issues, and tour operators who wet-lease their aircraft to get those who book with them to the holiday destinations they operate to.


G-POWK's Operational History

It was produces in Hamburg in May of 2011 and was delivered to Silk Air in the same month before being withdrawn from use in 2014 and was taken by Titan Airways in January of 2015 where it has flown with them ever since.

About Titan Airways:

About the A320 family:

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