Titan Airways A320

The Titan Airways A320.

Titan Airways currently operate 2 Airbus A320’s, registrations of G-POWK and G-POWM.

Titan Airways are based at Stansted Airport providing Charter services for airlines, should they need them and also provide Cargo Services. They operate in Europe, and a few flights rarely in America.

Why Should We Add This?

Well, Titan Airways have been around for a long time, yet it hasn’t seen much exposure in games, meaning we could be the first to have the full fleet added. Currently, we only have the A321 in Titan Airways.

So please, let’s make Titan Airways more known in this fantastic game.

Hey there!

This would be a great addition to the simulator, however, the General category is not the right place for feature requests. Moreover, a feature request for this livery already exists. Feel free to give it a vote below.

In the future, please stick to the Features category for feature suggestions. You do need to be Trust Level 2 (Member) to post there, so keep being active on the forum and you’ll get there in no time!