Tired with IF

Infinite flight is the best sim you could get for the mobile device, but It doesnt to it for me anymore, since 3d airports have been released, every update is either pretty much useless to your flying, or outright boring, and due to this reason, and also updates are becoming less common, is why I dont play IF anymore.

I dont see the reason in why to fly on a mobile device when I can boot up my pc and play xplane or any other sim.

Personal opinion/situation^

thanks for reading.


May I ask what you’re trying to do with this topic? Are you looking for ways to get that spark back in IF or just making the topic for the sake of saying you’re tired of the sim?


Trying to see if someone can make me jump back into the sim I loved to play


Have you ever tried a VA? I just viewed your profile and your not part of any. It is a great way to get back in to the sim and it adds a whole new level of realism and is a great way to get your spark back. If you also want to do something else besides flying IFATC is a great way to spice up your experience. It helps you learn a whole new side of the game and it has been a very useful way to expand your knowledge about aviation.


yeah, I tried making one, but I wasnt really prepared/ready to mentally be willing to manage an airline.
and joining one is out of the question.

Why would joining one be out of the question if you were going to create one? I think that joining a Virtual Airline has been one of my best decisions made in Infinite Flight and has brought me lots of joy


Why is joining one out of the option if you don’t mind me asking?

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I dont really know how it works but I presume you have to follow a schedule e.g fly to some place a certain day etc. But if that is not how it works ill look into joining one.


Thank you for your feedback, even though i personally disagree with most of it :)

However, it seems like there’s one major inaccuracy in your analysis.
In 2020, we released 3 updates.
In 2021, we released 7 updates
In 2022, we’ve so far released 4 updates. And we’re little over 6 months in.

So no, they’re not becoming less common.

You’re not wrong here. For those of you who do have the opportunity to just boot up your PC and use X-Plane, MSFS or whatever it may be… do it! We have many users that do already. Both are great in doing what they do on PC. But it requires a lot more. Hopping on a spontaneous flight isn’t really as easy on any of them and usually requires a lot more in terms of planning and other things. Not to mention the fact that you do need some pretty decent specs to run any of them with decent performance.

The thing with Infinite Flight is just that - it doesn’t require much in comparison, and you can do it pretty much anytime you want to, where you want do.


Thats not how most work

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Actually it isn’t, for most Virtual Airlines including mine, you’re only required to complete one flight of you’re choice an a database of routes maybe once or twice a month

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It’s a lot more chill then you think. Most just need you to log one flight a month and you can fly anytime and climb up the ranks and fly bigger and bigger get aircraft as you fly more hours. I’ve also meet some amazing people through them and it’s like a giant family.


I agree with what you said of it doesnt require much, but then again…

You might just need a bit of a break? I primarily fly on IF due to the airlines. I know I have those days and weeks at time where I am just tired of IF


Thanks @Kyle7223 @EAviation and @schyllberg. Ill look into joining a VA soon.


Good luck with your search for a VA. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

I stick with IF for 2 reasons, maybe 3.

  1. Simplistic controls and arcade like gaming that requires some levels of aviation knowledge.

  2. The most expensive iPad or Tablet is cheaper than a PC rig needed to have the graphics of MS Flight Simulator or FSX or DCS.

  3. Subscription costs for worldwide servers and multi players.

Have you ever tried packing a gaming rig in a backpack?🤔 Ain’t nobody got time for that. That stares of confusion from others around you the uncomfortable lines of questioning, no thank you.

But in all seriousness everything in too much dosage is bad and can become a toxin in our lives. Taking a break is not a bad thing its a natural occurrence. We can all become over stimulated with anything in life. But I can offer this, the outreach of this community and interaction of seeing how we all navigate Infinite flight together impresses me more than anything.

Community and a shared passion for all walks of aviation keeps me going in this sim and tbh you can’t replicate that. Take time reflect and maybe join on a group flight with friends. The sky is not the limit here. Best of luck on your journey.


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If you need the motivation to hop back on IF, then I’ll tell you this: if you feel like quitting, remember why you started!

Hey everyone, I was just accepted into FEDEX VA.