Tired of waiting

I’m tired of waiting to be able to go back on the expert server. It’s been since September that i’ve been waiting. I have gotten way better at aviation now and I am ready to do anything to get back on expert server. I really understand my mistakes and why I got ghosted. I am even ready to pass an exam if necessary. I just can’t wait until April. I really hope someone understands my situation.

Why don’t you share a screenshot of your grading table to see where we stand at the moment?

Okay, here it is.

It looks like you are Grade 3 right now…

You should be able to access the expert server



You need to what till your last ghost falls off. You have too many per 12 months.

There’s no way to get rid of these reports. So, unfortunately you’ll have to wait. :(

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But I just can’t.

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There’s nothing I can do. I will suggest flying on training server, where you will still find professional pilots and ATC.

That’s the thing. I’m tired of training server. The ATC is horrible. I mean a plane lands when another one is lined up on the runway.

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Go out and play in the snow. Enjoy life :)


I know how it feels I have went through the same thing just have to play the waiting game. 😊

When was your last ghosting?

I just want to be able to go on Expert. I understand my mistakes. Why does nobody trust me?

September 2018

It’s just the rules. If there were exceptions for everyone, then it would take an absolute ton of time involved in hand picking people. People would also get upset at why someone got unbanned, but they were still banned. You were ghosted for a reason. If you can’t reverse it with mods and the controller, then it’s just a rule.

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It’s not nobody trusts you everyone mistakes I got 5 ghosts before I had to wait and just play training

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I’m sure you’re good enough to do be on expert, but there’s nothing you can do to remove the reports. The only thing you could do is contact a Mod but since the reports were your fault, they won’t do anything. It’s a learning experience.

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Seems like 5 ghosts are too much, sorry for you but those are the terms and conditions for everyone around.