Tired of trying to hold the iPad still

I like flying smaller planes in IF without autopilot, but having to keep the iPad still while looking around is very tiring. I’d like a lock/unlock button that freezes/unfreezes pitch and roll inputs so I can concentrate on navigation/ATC while the plane is in stable flight. I know trim should allow this but just setting the trim destabilises the plane. I hope this in the right place

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Get an iPad stand or iPad case that has it built in. I think thats really the only way to do it now.

Sorry that won’t help but thanks for trying to help🙂 I’ve got one. The problem is it stands in one position so putting the iPad in the stand changes the control settings

Recalibrate once its in the physical stand

That’s something I like to do as well, particularly with the C208. What I do is calibrate the device on a table/platform, generally allowing for the elbows to rest on the table & having the device almost leveled. Now, when you need to concentrate on navigation & ATC without A/P, I only have to move tablet forward/backward slightly. I know it seems a bit unconventional, but it works for me.

Thanks I’ll try that. I still think a small button you can easily touch to freeze controls would be a nice feature. It could be enabled from settings so it’s a personal preference.

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Sit somewhere comfortable and balance the tablet on one knee.

I hang mine from the ceiling, that way I can leave it suspended when my arms get tired, and I don’t need to recalibrate it either. Works a treat


So this is what your room looks like…?


All the advice I can give you is practice… When I first started flying IF 6 years ago my hands and arms would get tired holding the device, but now with almost 800 flying hours(this is on the live server, I probably have well over 1,000 total with solo time before i started purchasing subscriptions), I’ve just adapted and am used to holding the device steady comfortably for long periods of time.

I usually use Autopilot HDG. And because you said no autopilot, I also used a phone stand, find a perfectly suited one. I don’t know how the freeze button will sit well it’ll just be another unrealistic unnecessary control input filling up the interface.

But hey, be creative, simple and cheap but amazing like this Infinite Flight pilot that I stumbled across in youtube, it will ease off the muscle strain from a heavy device plus you get intuitive piloting action:


How to Make Gaming Airplane Yoke from PVC Pipe (Homemade DIY) - YouTube

EDIT: Found another one, much better!

DIY Cardboard Flight Controls

How to make GAMING steering with throttle for flight simulator game from cardboard (DIY) - YouTube

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I like to do this too, but I find it’s acceptable to cheat and use a little autopilot.

In real life you have a lot more sensory input telling you what’s going on while you fiddle with the radio or map or just look around, and you can let go of the yoke for a few seconds to move things around. In Infinite Flight, letting go of the iPad has dire consequences.

If I’m flying straight and level in Infinite Flight, I’ll just pop on autopilot to maintain VS and heading while I do something, then pop it back off once I’m done. I think this is realistic enough because, if I were actually sitting in a plane, I could keep it straight and level. Using autopilot to overcome a limit of iPad functionality is okay for me.


Thanks for all the ideas, and using A/P for to VS and HDG sounds the way to go, though I’m intrigued by the hanging from the ceiling approach 😉 (pun intended!)


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