Tired of threads being closed

I understand the moderators do their job to keep the forums clean, I respect that.

However I’ve noticed recently that a lot of moderators will close a thread after someone replies with an answer, sometimes that answer isn’t sufficient or actually doesnt answer the question.

What if someone else had a question for the answer that was provided? They can’t ask because the thread got closed.

I also notice that threads/questions will get shutdown for being “duplicates” however when people link the older thread 99.9% of the time the old thread is closed because no one replied to it for 3 months.

I can understand why posts get deleted but I’m finding the whole automatic thread closing feature counter productive to what moderators are trying to achieve.

Automatically threads will close within 3 months provided that no one replied

Cons: People with the same question looking to more answers cant ask without making a new thread, unfortunetly that thread will be closed because it’s a duplicate.

Pros: there are none, because people will continue to make duplicate threads because the thread they need is locked because of the automatic closing ( or a mod found it to be answered)

Not trying to bag on the mods- you guys rock for volunteering time to clean up the forums, however you’re working twice as much because of an automatic system.


@Carson thanks for putting this in Meta, forgot to set that up when making this thread.


I can sometimes agree with this. Sometimes not.
The biggest problem i think we encounter when it comes to old topics, is that some don’t know how to look at dates. And for that reason, they can post something completely irrelevant after a couple months.

On the other hand, i’ve seen an increase in people complaining about “Necroposting” even though that reply that was to considered being the “necropost” was a pretty useful and good response.

There are several sides to this, but i definitely think we can have a look at this.


In some cases I would agree with you but with things like feature requests or topics where you could just spend 2 mins google searching it is there really any point in there being a topic? Remember how many users are here aswell, if they didn’t close those sorts of topics things would get cluttered fast. I don’t like how topics get closed after 3 months after or what the issue is with necroposting as the topic is open still for a reason.


I hear where you are coming from. But if topics aren’t closed, then it could just turn into a giant mess. (I see both sides)


You could always PM that moderator who closed it and just give them a heads up that that isnt the answer to help you and they will work it out.

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My suggestion would be to remove the automatic closing of a thread after 3 months.

Close threads that are actual duplicates

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I would say to change the perception that necroposting is bad and increase the period before a topic gets closed to 6 months. That seems very fair in my opinion.


I always see people getting scolded for necroposting, but I don’t really understand it. What’s so bad about necroposting? It’s better than cluttering the forum with new topics just to ask one question.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with necroposting. Bringing up an old topic actually seems like a good idea. I usually look for the right topic to ask my question in but it’s usually too old so I refrain from doing so.

I whole heartedly agree with this post; leave topics open just in case someone later down the road has a similar question, and don’t close old topics for the sake of them being too “old.”


This is a relatively new thing. We used to only close topics if they got out of hand. I think it is beneficial to let topics die on its own. If there is no interest in a topic it will fall to the bottom, no moderation needed.


Almost like an ecosystem, would help Mod workload


The necroposting thing is so that we can recycle topics with new information. If you were to bring up a topic from over a year ago, a lot of the information would be irrelevant now. Creating a new topic is a good way to get new ideas and new people involved in an old subject.


But with an old topic, you can still reply to old ideas, expanding on them. For example, if a topic was made a year ago saying “Emirates will never buy the 787-10,” it would be more beneficial to reply to it today and refute the claim with evidence, rather than just creating another topic stating that Emirates is ordering the 787-10.

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If topics closed after 6 months then within that period necroposting would be in most cases fine, as Carson said if they aren’t closed then necroposting becomes a major issue

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I have pretty much stopped posting useful info here. Why? All to often the entry or thread I have regularly been editing becomes frozen/closed. I have found this a pointless mechanism do disseminate regular info.



This, I think, is the best course of action. I’m with the OP, a lot of the “solutions” I see that result in thread closure are grossly inadequate. There’s really no reason to instantly close the thread unless there’s an argument or it’s gone off the rails or something.


You know, I find necroposting to be perfectly fine. People do it because they don’t want to make a duplicate.

Here are the 2 options right now:

Make a new topic, and be yelled at for making a duplicate…


Respond to an old topic and be yelled at for necroposting.


It is far from that black & white. But i doubt you see all of it.

And as i said, i don’t disagree with you. So i’m not quite sure what you want to say here.


Quick someone close the thread 😂


Just messing with you.

I think the best thing to do after a thread is closed due to it being a duplicate would be to do a quick little search in the search bar. You should always do research before simply posting a thread because a lot of the time, the answer is out there. Even if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, but you searched through a few threads, you can always send those users a message and see if they know anything more.

Use your resources :)

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i see where you’re coming from but at the same time this is where pm’s come into play

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