Tired of Landing for Fuel?

Looking for fuel during tomorrow’s FNF? Tired of landing somewhere just to get fuel?
Well, One Man Refueling, CO. is open for business!

Cost? Only Free.99!

You will see A KC tanker flying above BGTL and OTBH airports at FL200 at various times.

Have fun and please please follow ATC instructions!

Yes, I am aware of the tracking thread. However I am posting this so the big amount of pilots flying to the FNF see this instead of it being buried in a thread. :)


Great Nice idea!

But we can refuel in the air ? I thought it was only for fighter jet

  • F14 (Tomcat)
  • F16 (Falcon)
  • F22 (Raptor)
  • C130 (Hercules)
  • C17 (Globemaster)
  • VC25 (Air Force One)
  • KC10 (Extender)
  • A10 (Warthog)

All these aircraft can be aerial refueled, and all of them except the VC25 are allowed at the FNF airports. :)


I think no one can refuel, it’s just for a cosmetic purpose since I don’t think there is a feature to extent a nozzle to extract the fuel from the tanker.

Kudos to you my friend :)

Thanks for doing a good gesture!

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Actually there is!

Read here:

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Oh my, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on an F22.

Edit: Bruh released since 2017. Now, I must blame it on not seeing a tanker!

Can I join you @PlaneGeek ? I love the tanker…

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Aerial Refuelling was added to IF some time ago now. I wouldn’t bother with it if there wasn’t a practical reason. It was and still is an excellent feature. The F-22 drinks fuel.

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@PlaneGeek… FREE ok by me! But bypassing the Tanker Thread! (See masked comment in Topic narrative) I question the Ethics. Well on second bite what the hey, nobody pays attention to the rules on here anyway except for the 99%. Stifling competition with out Moderator/FDS posted consent is bad juju and constitutes a Fraud!


I’m a criminal on the run, Max


Do you have planned times?

Also what callsign will you use

@PlaneGeek I will also be flying a KC-10 tanker somewhere too!

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I’m starting right now, OTBH, 24FUEL24

Can I come?

Definitely! Everyone is welcome :)

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@PlaneGeek how fast are you going?

300 IAS.

I see your A-10 can’t keep up. Why don’t you cut across over the airport to catch up?

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I switched into an F-22 because I don’t think the a-10 couldn’t handle it. :)

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