Tired of “check the tutorials” for minor deviations

Flawless compliance with approach and tower instructions into TNCM tonight, land fine, exit left, expedite, accidentally miss-hit braking and wander past the left exit taxiway on a back taxi RW…ATC demands I check the tutorials. I ghost myself. Come on. We need a better script.

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You ghosted yourself? If you want to talk with a controller the best way is in a PM.

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Ghosted meaning I left the session.

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PM the controller to get the reasoning behind why you were sent the command, it’s a very broad command for a reason. :)

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Gotcha. Well as I said before you learn the most when you know what you did wrong from another end of the story. So if you have to questions talk with that controller.

The good solution would be to contact the controller then, he or she isn’t to know that you made a mistake. It was a please check help pages, not a follow instructions or risk being ghosted command.

ATC is too quick to advise check tutorials. It’s not like controls on tablets are always easy to manipulate.


It wasn’t really a mistake. I just rolled past a left taxiway. He could have said back taxi but instead I got check the tutorials. Sheesh. ATC needs a better script than defaulting to check the tutorials. Better off sticking with casual server.

Could you go to the replay and find out whom sent you “check tutorials.” I think they would be more than happy to help you out as you seem distraught of the situation

ATC trigger finger seems to be on “check tutorials” for even minor deviations. Makes sense for newbies obviously needing help and training, but using it in every instance of imperfection is a put off.

I suggest following these steps and taking this discussion with the controller

Yes, we do that. After all, it’s the expert server and the only way we can tell pilots they’re doing something wrong is by giving that Command. Yes, it may be an accident, but how do we know. We’ve also got another 10 aircraft wanting to move.


This is not really the fault of the controller. Using this script is how they’re trained. I’m suggesting more selective discretion when using the “check tutorials” command and perhaps IF should consider writing a more productive ATC script for less egregious imperfections.


Im sure you would rather that command than a ghosting

Good evening Ray!

As many others have said, I strongly recommend going back into your replay to see who sent you the command so then you can talk to them and get an explanation.

All anyone here can do is speculate as to why what happened happened, but only the controller knows why they sent it.

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You’re more than welcome to make a feature request about that, for now though as said before, it’s best for you to contact the controller.

Captures here.

What was your callsign when this occurred?

Did this occur immediately an hour ago or at a time beforehand?

Or how about you deal with it as ATC would in real life.

After all a simulator is supposed to simulate reality.