Tire Squeal?


This is 100% real. This is actually not a joke. I do not know if this is a duplicate. THIS IS NOT A FEATURE REQUEST Yet this is a stipulation… 🤔

I was messing around on solo doing landings in the Qanta 738 at YSSM. I wanted to see my horrible landing (I was trying to simulate a Ryanair landing) and I decided to watch from the left wing. So I watch it in replay, nothing weird happens. After, i rewinded before I touchdowned and I landed again yet this time not on replay. I land and as I put on my brakes and reverse thrusters (I turned the rudder too) I all of a sudden gear tire squeaks!!!??? I was very confused. I did this same thing (rewinding before the touchdown with replay, and landing again in the left wing camera) over and over again and it kept happening. I decided to screen record it which you can watch here:

So my overall question is, why is it happening when there was zero information concerning tire squeaks in the new update? Could this be coming? Is it already here?


This isn’t new, it’s been in the app for many years :)


I’ve never heard it before though!

Didn’t know about that either…
btw, quite the landing lol


I’ve never heard it either! I didn’t even know it was in the game!

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So how has it been in the game for years, if we haven’t heard it before?

Many have heard it, but think about;
How often do you land as you did in the video and use an outside camera view at the same time? :)


Lol true! That was a class A Ryanair landing btw. Thanks @schyllberg!


Do you use the outside camera modes while landing?

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I think I’ve heard it before in Infinite Flight but in another camera view.

No not usually, I was just messing around this time.

That’s the reason then


It has been in the game for a long time

Thanks @Olympicq400 but @schyllberg has already stated this.

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I’ll say, whoever attempts to land while looking out on the wing cam is doing a Blind Landing.

Reference: Air Crash Investigations S12E05 | Blind Landing | TANS Perú Flight 204.

But hey, if you can land safely then that’s a different story… 😶


It has been in the game for years but with the older GA aircraft I’ve flown the 737 a lot and I’ve never heard that either.

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I wonder if you can hear it holding short when another aircraft touches down?

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I have never heard that happening. I doubt you could.

Yeah I don’t think that exists. I’ve free-cammed countless landings while I’m waiting in line to take off and I’ve never heard anything

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I have heard this so many times