Tire smoke will be able soon?

Hello I just have a little question for the developers specifically that has been in my head for a while, with project metal we will be able to get tire smoke??

because I remember the post on which the tire smoke was on development but unfortunately it didn’t come (some years ago) but I want to know why was that? Why it didn’t come?

And if we going to have it in a near future??

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We don’t know much at this time. However, you can vote in the topic below!


As of now, they did not say anything yet, but you can check their website for more info! https://infiniteflight.com/blog/infinite-flight-project-metal/

If not, you can also go to the #features and vote for it! @Thunderbolt has put the link above!

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Hey! This was due to the reason that it was something that was being tested. Not everything that is in the testing or development phase is guaranteed to make it to the public stores. This was one of those features that didn’t make the cut but was shared on social media. That’s why everything is subjected to change during testing and development as there could be factors that affect the new feature or other features in app.


Some features turn out to be so complicated and bug-filled (other bugs sometimes come up in different places as a result), that they have to stop it entirely.

I hope that with project metal this could be added, and even if It looks like x plane tire smoke I’ll be really happy

We can only just do that. Hope. We won’t truly know what happens until it happens.

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