Tire marks on runway

I’ve searched and the other on is over three months old and I would like to request it credit to When you land tire marks are on the runway

Credit to Daniel Warner


This is already in the sim/game or whatever you want to call it

I think we should definitely have this some time. The runway will look fresh at first , and with every landing, the runway marks will get darker, depending on where somebody lands, how fast the tires spun, and how hard the landing was.

@Puncakes This idea isn’t in the sim. :)


That’s what I want it fresh

Near the center line you can see marks. Do you mean when you land you can make marks?


Yeah, basically. And by looking at tire marks in Global, you can see which airports have been given the most attention.

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I propose that the runways also start to wear and that the most used runways develop ruts. In addition we should add runway closures due to wear and tear. Maybe we could synchronize this with airport maintenance schedules so that when runways are being repaired in real life we also temporarily shut these runways.


This would be a nice feature to go with the ground crew request

i don’t think u get @Kilt_McHaggis point…

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Does he mean people would come and re-pave the runway, then they close the runway while they work on that

No, it was sarcasm.

I don’t think this is needed,


This has already been added, I would suggest a moderator close this topic.


The other topic is over three months old

Already in the sim.