I’m so proud of myself!!! My landing went from this:

To this:

But does anyone have any good tips for a good flight (takeoff, cruise, approach, landing). Thanks guys!😄


Well done, I remeber trying to work out what was going on with the front gear when i first started. Just to find out it was me not knowing what i was doing. the best tip i can give you is to look in the #tutorials on here, pretty much everything has been coverd and to just keep going. Good luck though


Here you go:

Hope this helps, also all official FDS tutorials are great!


@BritishAirways… MaxSez… Here’s a tip for you and your partners in crime BA. Flying Proficiency on IF for most is a trial and error process. Your trial begins with bookwork like the tutorials and the free FAA pub "The Pilots Handbook). Your flying errors are corrected utilizing the “Fly Solo” regiment in all Met conditions as you matriculate thru aircraft models. Practice makes purfect, nobody said it was ez’ey…


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