Tips & Tricks to get a higher badge / level?

Anyone here have the badges and the requirements? I don’t know if this is legal to ask, but if it is, may I please see the requirements so I can get to a higher level? Hehe thanks

Welcome! Great to have you onboard…

On the Community, the mods have tweaked the requirements slightly, just be patient and constant, posting regularly, and being a healthy member on the forum.

Also, with Trust Level 2, you can access the #live:va and #real-world-aviation and #features, also #live:events categories.

Trust level 3 (TL3) gives you access to edit titles, more likes, and access the #lounge Also, #tutorials category.

We hope you enjoy it on the forum! Great to have another new member! :-)


oh alright thanks man!

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Ahem TL2gives #live:events

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That’s the one, I was writing live, then liveva came up. I didn’t think… thanks

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Also TL3 grants access to #tutorials

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