Tips & Tricks for the Infinite Flight Community

Tips & Tricks for the Infinite Flight Community

Did you know that there is an option to enable defer? Are you curious to know what it means and what it does? If yes, then this topic is for you! In this small tutorial, I will try to cover some of the hidden features of discourse that will help you make your life easier. Let’s get started!


[*] | Option to Defer

[*] | How do I create a Draft?

[*] | How do I test something?

[*] | Creating a reminder

[*] | Clearer Inbox

[*] | Advanced Search

[*] | Removing participants from a Private Message

[*] | Inviting users to participate in a topic

[*] | Starting the new and advanced user tutorial

Defer Option

Have you ever wanted to mark a topic or message as "unread”, so you can come back to it later? Well, there is an option for that. To enable this option, go to your Interface and tick the small box next to Enable defer to mark topics unread. Once you do so, the following button will appear under each topic you visit:

Defer Option

How do I create a Draft?

A draft is a saved copy of your actions and can be found in the Drafts section on your profile. It allows you to save something that is not ready to be posted. Let’s say that you are creating a new topic and suddenly, you want to reply to a post. Don’t worry, with the draft feature nothing will go to waste. All you have to do is press No, save draft when the following notification appears.

Save draft

How do I test something

Ever wanted to test something out but the only place to do so was in a public post? Messaging yourself is the solution. You will be able to edit your post as many times as you want without anyone else knowing. To message yourself, just go to the Messages section, press New message and add as a participant yourself.

Creating a reminder

The developers of Discourse introduced 1 month ago the reminders. Reminders can be placed on posts or topics simply by pressing the bookmark icon Bookmark and selecting one of the reminders. The addition of this feature has personally helped me a lot and I am sure you will love it too. For a thorough tutorial about reminders visit the official Discourse community.

Clearer Inbox

Your inbox can be very busy sometimes. Is there a way to separate the more important messages from the no needed ones? Sure it is. You have the option to archive a message. This action will move that message in the Archive folder and will stay there forever unless the message gets a reply. To do that, press the Archive button and done! The aforementioned button is located at the end of the message:

Archive button

Note that the Archive folder is located under the Messages section.

Advanced Search

This feature is hiding near the search bar. It’s commonly known as options and once you press it, the Advanced Search section opens. There, you will find many filters that will help you track the topic you are looking for easier and quicker.

Ever wanted to filter one specific topic but you didn’t know how exactly to do it? As you might have already guessed it, there is a way to do that. Once you have entered a topic, press the search icon Search Icon and tick the small box that appears under the search bar → image Once you have done that, search for keywords and discourse will automatically track them down for you.

Removing Participants from a Private Message

When a PM is created, this button always appears: Add or Remove. Some of you may have noticed, that although it says ‘Add or Remove’, you can add new participants in a PM, but you can not remove them. After a thorough discussion with the discourse developers, we concluded that this is a bug and has to be fixed. Therefore, the PM creator now has the ability to remove a participant, by clicking the aforementioned button and pressing the X located next to each member’s name:

X button

Please note that this feature is only available for TL2 ≤

Inviting users to participate in a topic

Would you like to invite someone to participate in a topic without tagging them in a post? You have the ability to send invites privately via the Infinite Flioght Community or via email. To do that, press the share button located at the end of the topic: Share button and then select Send Invite . The following section should appear:

Inviting Users

  • Type the name of the user you want to invite and press 👉 Send invite.

Then, this notification will appear in the notification panel of the invited user:


You can also send an invitaion via email. To do that, simply type the email of the user and press 👉 Send invite. You can also send a custom message by pressing Custom Message.

Starting the new and advanced user tutorial

@discobot is one of the automated bots and it’s job is to help new users understand some of the key features of discourse. There are 2 tutorials:

Tutorials Name of the tutorial
Tutorial for new Users @discobot start tutorial
Advanced Tutorial @discobot start advanced tutorial

If you would like to start the first tutorial, message @discobot with the name of the tutorial. Example:

New user tutorial

Do you have any other suggestions? Make sure to post them below and I will include them as soon as possible!

Important note:

Some of the links have been added with the help of Anchors.This feature allows users to easily skip to the desired section, without having to scroll all the way down. However, discourse hasn’t released any official documents about how to use them. Therefore, although this topic has been made wiki, I am asking the regulars not to edit anything until a tutorial about anchors has been posted here (in the works).

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These features are always helpful, especially for events. I always PM myself when creating an event, so it can be left to put work on over a period of… however long really. I use timed bookmarks both for my events and others, so I get reminded on the day, it also helps for if I haven’t signed up and wasn’t sure at the time!

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Removing participants from a PM is now a thing! Of course you will have to be the PM owner to do that :)

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