Tips & Tricks for determining flight time.

Planning some long hauls soon, I just wanted to know what the community’s tricks are for determining flight time.

As of right now I go to google flights and take off 35 minutes

There is a option for the bottom bar (what is the name again?) where it says ETE to dest that’s what I use at least

No I mean before the flight starts. That way I can time flights to line up with my sleep schedule

I have a basic table I made that I use:
West coast of the U.S- Europe 10-13hrs
East coast of the U.S- Europe 5-7hrs
East coast of the U.S- Asia 15-17hrs
West coast of US - Asia 11-16hrs
Europe- Middle East 5-7hrs
Middle East- West US 14-18 hrs
Middle East- East US 10-14 hrs
West coast of US- East Australia 11-15hrs

3 Likes - With that change it to flight time.

That is an estimate.

It was actually creepily accurate. Put in my last 3 decently lengthed flights and speeds and it got it within 10 minutes

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I usually check on Flightradar24 or just create the flightplan in Simbrief to see how long is going to take.

Flightradar24 is what I use. Flightaware is also useful.

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Thats very inaccurate. KSMF-PHNL in a B767 (Midsized Jet) should be about 4:50… Its saying that its 5:40 (In no winds)

Ahhhh, k, will try using yours next time

I use flight radar 24. Usually is extremely accurate, given flight plan is in accordance with winds. You can also see departure tables to find out when a certain flight departs

I usually take 500nm per hour for Jets + winds. Works flawless with ±30 minutes accuracy

For me, flightaware is the simplest. Although mostly in IF the flight time are 30-60 minutes faster.

still, better early than late, isn’t it? :D

I personally use but you have to pay for a subscription . If you are in the market for a great app ForeFlight is the way to go if you can spend money.

If not: Is what If I wasn’t using ForeFlight I would use in real life and I know a lot of
Pilots that use it. as most use I don’t use it. it seems the arrivaltimes are off sometimes and I don’t recommend it for new pilots. Is a great website to see how long a flight will be and to get a FPL that real pilots have used.

Note: in order to achieve just right times you need to follow the speed that your planning application gives you and any climbs such as step climbs or if it wants you to climb straight up.
Hope this helps


Virtually every single one of my flights that I’ve done is taken from Flightradar24, so that’s where I get the flight time. Flightaware can also be used, as well as SimBrief (which gives you a flight time after filing the OFP).

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