Tips to overcome lag since the update?

Cant seem to have a decent experience on IF (online, expert server) since the update due to the lag i’m all of a sudden experiencing. Have to point out this is 100% due to the update, had no issues whatsoever prior.

The only way to reduce the lag i’ve found is to reduce the plane count to the lowest possible - which isn’t great at all, all I can see is white boxes floating around. Hence I haven’t resubscribed and ceased playing the game/simulator all together.

Does anybody have any other ways they may have overcome this issue?

Please no queries regarding device, storage etc. All is well in this department I can assure you.

Happy holidays

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You might want to close your running apps and clear cache, and lower your graphics. that might help you

Render quality: Low
Rendering resolution: Low
Texture quality: Low
Anti-aliasing: Off
Limit frame rate: Yes

Render quality was on high before the update (rest were as listed). Put this to low since the update/lag but no success. Also clear cache regularly, doesn’t seem to have had any success.

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Hmm, looks like you have all the appropriate settings when experiencing this issue.

It is recommended to restart your device before a flight. Have you tried that?

We will need your device model, and the current version you’re running your software in order to help you with the issue by linking you the appropriate steps :) Without it were guessing, which isn’t the most ideal thing.

Yes have tried this too.

Are there any other settings you tweak besides airplane count?

What device and software version are you currently running? I am able to help you once you give us the info to link you the appropriate steps related to each device.

Apple iOS 13.3

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Maybe cool down your device before flying, when my Iphone 8 is hot, it lags so hard

Alright, have you tried clearing your RAM? Ipad or iPhone? I know that only iPad is able to clear RAM.

What device do you currently use?

I find its infinite flight that causes my device to warm up in the first place which sucks. I purchased a dedicated device for this game and this still happens so its pretty certain it is the game causing the overheating. How do you go about cooling your device? Fridge/freezer?

iPhone 6S

I had the same phone a year ago, and I can tell you this; You can’t have a very good IF experience as this device has only 2GB of RAM. Even with the lowest graphics. Unfortunately I don’t think that there is much that can be done, because these older devices won’t be able to keep up in the near future with more updates,

I used to have an Ipad mini 2 when playing this game, i had a really bad experience with it, same issues with u, what i do is just close my running bacground apps, and set brightness to the lowest

If true thats poor from the IF team, thats a £300 device which im using for IF solely. If thats no longer possible due to the update then im speechless. Being able to ‘carry your passion’ is no longer possible by the looks of it.

Everything was completely fine before the update. That was with a high rendering quality and a medium-high plane count - high enough to not just see floating white boxes.

Thats the unfortunate truth. Not only with IF, but with many other apps/simulators globally. Older iphones just cant keep up with the constant new developments as new requirements are always needed.

I currently have a 7+ (Not my primary device for IF) and it is a bit laggy with higher graphics. Thats just the way it is :(

Are you aware of which staff/mods/devs can comment on this? Or if they have done so elsewhere?

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@schyllberg is the head of support, He should be able to help you out with this soon. Just hang tight :)

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Thanks @AlphaSeven

Look forward to hearing your response and thoughts @schyllberg

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There is a known memory issue with the new version and the new ios version as documented in Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! The developers are aware of it and are working on a solution

Where are you experiencing the lag? Some lag may be network related while some may be RAM/device caused. Limiting background apps, turning off non-essential apps help. Some have had success turning off 3rd party apps.

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Seems to be occurring everywhere for me. Spawned at an airport with high traffic on the ground and it was terrible. Left and went to another airport with no traffic and it was equally terrible. Occurs on ground and in the air.

Would you be able to comment on/confirm this? Would a brand new iPhone 6S, with no other memory usage or apps running etc, no longer be able to handle IF?