Tips to Improve your IF Experience on Android

Handy Tips to Improve your Infinite Flight Experience on Android


Screen Pinning - Lock an app to the screen and prevent access to other apps or notifications

Screen pinning is a feature built into Android that allows you to lock an app to the screen, which:

  • ensures you don’t accidentally close the app,
  • prevents anyone from seeing your notifications or accessing any other app without unlocking your phone with authentication (fingerprint/face unlock/PIN/pattern lock/password) - ensure you turn on “require PIN before unpinning”.


This is a great feature to use when leaving your device unattended (in a safe place, obviously), and is helpful in other scenarios where you are handing your device to someone to use. Please note: This feature functions differently depending on your device manufacturer. On my device, In-Flight Operations and other apps running in the background still work. You will not be notified of any calls or texts, although the next tip I have provided below may fix this for you by enabling replying to texts through your PC.

The method to enable and activate this feature varies by device manufacturer and Android version:

General Instructions
Xiaomi (manual method - read notes at bottom)

It is best to activate screen pinning before you start your flight, however your flight can be resumed after pinning the app and reentering IF mid-flight.

A similar feature available on Apple devices is Guided Access.

"Crono" App - Send your FPL and photos to/from your computer fast, and view/reply to notifications

Crono is an app that you can install on your device which runs in the background, allowing you to send photos and your clipboard to and from your Android device and Firefox/Chrome/Edge browser on your computer.

Find the app in the Play Store, follow the instructions in the app to set it up, and then you can:

  • View notifications during your flight and reply to texts
  • View device charge
  • Ring your device
  • Send photos to and from your computer to your device
  • Instantly send your fight plan by copying the flight plan on your computer and using the following red button inside the browser extension to send it to your device:


Download "scrcpy" to your Windows PC - Mirror and control your Android from your computer

This solution is perfect for viewing your flight on a big screen or using your computer to act as ATC, with more room to select commands and view the map. It functions both as a display mirror and allows you to use your mouse on the screen as you normally would on your device.

It took me only a few minutes to set up with my phone's USB cable.


There are a number of alternative applications like this, including an app that can let you use your phone as a second screen for your computer. However, this is a very simple application that runs well for Infinite Flight in my testing.

If you have any other convenient apps or solutions you use to speed up or improve your Infinite Flight experience, please leave them down below and I’ll consider adding them to this post. I hope the few I have provided above help you in some way. Thanks!


I personally would recommend against pinning. For a lot of people, their infinite flight device is their main device, and pinning will temporarily remove the ability to do anything other than infinite flight. You can’t check notifications, you can’t change brightness, enable or disable battery saver, and on some devices it can actually crash the application.
.you should never be in a situation anyway where you are concerned about other people messing with your device. Just leave it somewhere safe.

In regards to crono, on Android devices using android 9 and up, you can reply to notifications directly from the notification itself without having to open the app. Also in regards to images, if you are using an android device then you can simply set up Google photos and have your screenshots backup to it. It syncs in a matter of seconds and can be easily accessed from another device or a PC.

In regards to scrcpy, because the output display is limited to the resolution of your phone, you are not really gaining much in the way of screen space. It will still scale the same. On some Samsung and Huawei devices, there is a built in desktop mode that you can connect directly to a monitor with a compatible connection which will adjust resolution and screen space whilst allowing you to directly connect a keyboard/ mouse/ joystick. Alternatively there is always LiveFlight connect which you can map multiple controls to different functions to give you better control over your flying experience.

Appreciate the tips though.


I see thanks for the feedback.

I did say it behaves differently on different devices, but it works perfectly fine for me. It’s especially good for leaving your device while doing a long haul flight, as it locks the display on the brightness setting you set, and if it is your primary device, I provided Crono for that reason as it allows you to respond to texts like you mentioned can be done in the notification list. If you are leaving your device, you don’t reply to notifications, and you can’t really do that on iOS devices anyway. This is more of a security thing when leaving it unattended.

(Crono is useful for when screen pinning activated, and I mainly use it to send my flight plans after planning the flight on my computer. Also for sending photos to my computer for editing or uploading.)

This is not nearly fast on slower internet, and doesn’t work if your Photos backup storage is full like mine. It’s a bit slow in reverse too, as it has to sync the photo to your phone.

Yes it is. But on the 4.6" screen size of my phone, at least you don’t have your fingers blocking the whole display 😂
The extra screen real estate is actually really useful to see where aircraft are located on the ground and on the map. I like to use my computer to control.

Do you have any other things you use?

Yeah I just use my phone as it is to be honest 🤷

I guess the only additional stuff I’ll use is liveflight for controls, and then a Chromecast if I really want to get it onto a big screen. Because my pc monitor is ultrawide and the same aspect ratio as my phones, I can just cast it across. But as latency is a thing, I typically just fly on my phone. Much easier. Also keeps the performance of your device to it’s highest by not running other applications in the background.

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That’s true. I guess what I provided above is most useful to people using their device as a secondary device. But as a user of a primary device for IF, these are actually really useful for me because it speeds things up and means I don’t even have to touch my phone.

The scrcpy thing I’ve found to be very low lag and the only extra process running on your device is USB debugging I guess.

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