Tips to help you for radar training

IFATC Education Group blog post by AviationChampion

Are you in radar training and would love to know how you can prepare better for sessions?

Read the full blog post here β†’

Side Note:

This unfortunately is my last post with the IFATC Education Group due to my IFC suspension. It was fun while it lasted and I hope you enjoy the two posts (including this one) that I just posted.


That’s to bad man. All actions have consequences. It happens. Keep your head high and keep doing the best you possibly can!

Just to clarify for anyone that has previously been suspended to avoid confusion. Once your suspension has ended and you rejoin the IFATC, you can then immediately continue writing for us. The goal of the blog is to give everyone in the IFATC a big megaphone to share what they learn.

Sad to see you go @AviationChampion, I’m sure our readers enjoyed your posts! :)


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