Tips to balance IF and school the same time?

Does anyone have tips how to balance school and Infinite Flight at the same time? Cuz ima go to school from 2020-08-12T04:00:00Z2021-05-26T04:00:00Z and need to figure out how i can do it. My school hours are like 6:00AM to 2pm and i wanna do flights after but i dont know how to balnce it. If anyone has tips tell me


Sorry if this is a spam!

Hey there! I am currently out of school as it’s summer, however when I was in school, I would do some short hauls, preferably < 3 hours. I have also done long hauls such as KEWR-WSSS. I would take off around 11:00 pm and land the next day around 3:00 pm. It worked out great :)

Just remember, your education comes first. Infinite Flight should not be your priority.


Hey! Maybe try doing long hauls starting in the afternoon and ending in the morning? Or afternoon short hauls. You could start a medium haul, get your homework done, and then land. Whatever suits your time, preferences and needs!

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I would recommend doing domestic flights after homework (also after school) if you have enough time. Remember, real life is more important.

Don’t worry this is not a spam. I am also in the same boat as you.


School > Infinite Flight

Put your education first. It’s for your future.


I think it’s figuring out what’s right for you and what type of flights you like to do. I’m sure you could for a lot of short hauls in after school, and maybe even fit in an ultra long haul if you started a flight right after school, and had it land the next day after school as well.

I always left before I left for school, let’s say 8am and I’d land at 4pm, getting a nice 8 hour long haul during my school day!

Fly when you’re not at school or on the weekends

Or do a long haul during school. A flight long enough where you can take off before school and land after school

Or short hauls/regional hops work too.

I also thought of doing them on the weekends or during holiday breaks i used to be on the casual server and did a ATL to LAX in 1 hr in 1 class perriod

My first question is why do you go to school at 6am 🤨

I personally used to fly during homework and then long haul on the weekends. Fly during school, after, or whenever - it’s your choice.

Going to high school!


My high school hours were 8:40-4… lol

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It’s my school districts hours for HS

Mine 8:25-3:15.

My friend, life has and will always be your top priority, it will help you become an actual pilot :)

@SahyaQFFlyer, yep we’re all in the same boat! Or plane. My school wanted to start on the 12th of August , but they decided to move it back to the 20th. I don’t want to go back. Who else is going to be fully online? I know some districts wanted to do hybrid models

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Hey @PilotChrisSG great question, what I normally do is before school starts I would start a flight that would be the duration of the time I’m at school. It was a good way to get tons of hours and a good way to keep your sub.

Whenever I get home I usually run a short haul flight (preferably 2-3 hrs) before I sleep, or start a long haul (8-12 hrs) before I go to school then land after I get home. Neither should interfere with school with the right timing, and VNAV always helps on descent.

lol mine started 9:00 - 3:10

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For me I will wake up at 6am when I usually wake up for school, and start a 12 hour long haul so I will land well after 3pm when I end school, worked many times