Tips on the C172 please

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Do you guys have any tips on flying the C172? Like… Clime VS, or Decent VS
And so on?

The C172 climbs pretty slow. It can be anywhere from the 400-900ft V/S on climb but weight also contributes as well as some other factors so that’s just a general estimate. I’m not really quite sure about the specific descent rate on this aircraft as I hand fly it irl at a suitable descent rate that changes constantly since I’m hand flying and making corrections.


Do not exceed 14,000ft and 120Kts

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Just one tip from me:

When I first flew the new C172 I found it very hard to land without a few hops. Just take a step back go into solo and practice flaring a tiny bit earlier. I still do this to improve my landings in several aircraft.

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A suggestion that @Chris_Hoss suggested and it helped me was to cut the throttle to 0 above the runway numbers and flare.

It will feel like you are about to stall but certainly helped smooth out my landings.


Use full power and use your pitch to change your airspeed. There’s not totally a set V/S, but you should adjust and maintain 70-80 knots or so, using your pitch to change airspeed.

Pitch up = slower
Pitch down = faster

Also, minor, small corrections

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