Tips on starting an aviation YouTube channel?

I’m thinking on starting an aviation channel on YouTube. I’m not going to do Infinite Flight until I know how to use Airshou correctly. If anyone could give me any username ideas, and other cool tips, I would appreciate it. I do plan starting the channel sometime next week, and upload a few trailers, etc. For sure, I will do takeoff and landing videos, and probably trip reports. Give your opinions below :)


You should ask @Bulba, and @PlanesForLife, and possibly (if he’s available) @IFSM.


Alright, thanks :)

Well my friend if you want some advice on name I really can’t do much with that. But doing finding a cool spot at your local airport for a plane spotting video. Then as for the other video types Trip Reports aren’t bad and takeoff and landing vids are not so bad either.
Also if doing takeoff and landing vids like these

I was traveling standby for those but supposing your flying with a ticket. Try to get the window seats. Also try to get a camera too record too.

Alright, thanks!

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No problem me amigo

Try to get shots of rare aircraft

I just controlled him into KPSP. But he sometimes didn’t listend :(

Who did you control?

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