Tips on landing without APPR?

I feel like as a beginner i have to learn how to land without APPR at some point, because 747, a380, etc are still there waiting to be flown, I’m just worried that I will crash at the end after a long flight with those long haul planes, what should my approaching alt, vs, spd be?

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i always try to line up the plane with the FPV and after that i activate HDG and VS

Start of by using partial A/P (A/P for throttle and V/S and do the rest yourself) and gradually stop using it


Try practicing with the Appr mode on solo. Then, engage APPR until maybe 100 AGL, where you can disconnect it and try landing. Just get the feel for it, watch the tutorials, and read the user guide. You can also use APPR mode but untick heading and speed so that only your V Speed is controlled by the autopilot. Gradually work your way up to manual landings.

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Is it possible to imitate appr with the a380 and 747 and all the other planes without it? Like land with autopilot?

My autopilot just disables by itself sometimes when i enter the glidslope

Read through the user guide. You have to tune to the ILS with you Nav 1 and then switch to Nav 1 from GPS when intercepting the localizer and glide slope.

maybe use the “landing aid” the description of it says “shows a set of rectangles around the landing path, helps make stabilized landings” and that shows up at around 1100 feet agl. it should help you. you can find it in settings

YES, that is enabled, but i without appr i either miss it or I just struggle to stay in it

What should the VS be if i reach those rectangles? I’ll try to land with autopilot b4 moving to completely manual.

What’s your sensitivity setting at?

There is a sensitivity setting for IF?

I think watching the tutorials and reading the user guide will be your best bet. :)

Watched them all, I’m just trying to see if there are any better ideas from the community :)

maybe re-calibrate before disengaging the autopilot.

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Go into solo mode and choose short final with an Airbus 318-100 or Boeing 737-700.

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In 20.1, you can actually fly RNAV approaches so you can just VNAV down to the runway. You need to set the runway start waypoint to just above the airport altitude.
I still fly down manually after a certain point, but only after finding the proper thrust setting for landing speed.

Wait, does that mean i can just vnav to 0ft at the last waypoint and it will just land?

Use what’s called attitude flying. Every pitch attitude and power setting on a given flight will give you the same flight path.

Pitch for airspeed and power for altitude. This means you manage your airspeed with your pitch and adjust descent/ascent rate with power. If you reduce power you must also pitch down to maintain airspeed, this will cause you to descend via your power setting. The same will happen in a climb but reversed.

Once you establish a flight path via the method above you can adjust for the flight path you want. If you’re too low increase power while pitching up to maintain airspeed and it will reduce rate of descent bringing you up on glide path. Once on glide path counter correct and set power to home position (reduce a little) to maintain glide path. Then adjust as needed until a steady rate is established.

Fly an ILS without APPR.

Configure an ILS just like if you were going to AutoLand. But instead of enabling the APPR mode, follow the Localiser and the GS manually, Remember that you need to make smaller corrections as you approach the threshold of the runway. If you can, enable the autothrottle and slow down as you approach the runway adding progressively your flaps.

If you are at 100ft AAL (Above Aerodrome Level) and you are not correctly aligned or you are flying an unstable approach, you can’t correct your course anymore, you will need to Go-Around.

If you continue your approach, flare between an altitude of 40ft AAL for heavy Jets and 10ft AAL for GA