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In a few weeks I’m participating in @Butter575 event at London Heathrow EGLL, and am flying to New York on a Virgin A340!

Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to fly the Airbus A340? It will be my first time flying the particular aircraft


Unfortunately as it’s an old model - the physics are really unrealistic and weird. I would avoid the A340 until it’s reworked.


My advice:
Switch to an A333


The first time I flown in A340, it was a flight between Munich and Los-Angeles. I crached in Nevada. I don’t have any tips for you but just check your flight a lot of time

Like other people here, I would recommend keeping a close eye on what the plane is doing.

I have a similar story as @Yukiros_31, except it was Mount Hood for me. I’ve tried flying the A340 a few different times. None of them have had happy endings.

Once you learn how to fly it, it is actually pretty straight forward. I recommend bringing PLENTY of extra fuel, this can not be stated enough, it guzzles it. I have also found that it is best to not perform sharp turns, be very gradual with your changes in pitch and banking. And finally if you want to have a realistic flair (despite the unrealistic physics), you need to be touching down around 130 knots, this is my butter zone I have found.

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Yes sure, for butter landing i would recommend 135 to 145 knots.
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Hi @United403 ,

check out this guide which might help!

Your guide to Long Haul Flying - Ground School / Community Tutorials - Infinite Flight Community

Happy Landings!

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