Tips on B777

Hi all,
Today is the first time I tried to land B77 and it went so wrong. EHAM had strong winds( 15 knots) and it took me two go around to finally land it after almost crashing and constant struggles on speed.
I tried with -40% trim and flaps 25 but ILS was off the track 3/3.
What are the tips to land it smoothly?


Sometimes APPR doesn’t do so well with high winds.

Well, what was your speed? You want to be not stalling but not too fast

Seems to be quite the opposite of what you want…I believe that the 777 lands perfectly at 30% trim.


For me, I think if I want to land a plane, I don’t need trim, just hand flying.

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I noticed that in general the touch down speed is 10 knots slower than the previous 777-2 variant

B777’ trim, I alway set 15%~20% ( take off ) and 25%~30% ( landing ). You need set flaps30 when landing.
Also you should pay attention to the weather, use ILS help you fix the attitude of the plane.
Then, It takes continuous practice, to make a smoothly land.


Same landing wind conditions ?

I was your radar controller for this, you were definitely not the only one having some trouble. One thing you can do is slow down to your vref earlier than you normally would to give ample time to make a stable touchdown.

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Don’t forget to flare earlier. It takes a little longer for the 777 to reach flare attitude, so I’d say you should start around the “40” callout. Also, don’t be afraid to take it slow; I’m sure the controllers will accommodate you.

If you are not using the live cockpit just line up the FPV with the start of the runway.
If you are using the HUD, get on the ILS first, then your vertical speed should be a little 5 times your ground speed, usually 700-800fpm for final.
There have been some complaints about overflaring during beta actually. The 77W almost flares itself by ground effect so you only need to pull up slightly. Watch the VS and don’t let it go above zero.
Also, regarding strong headwinds: I landed a 767 at AMS at around that time as well on RW18R. The winds actually changed from a cross to a headwind on final. The stabilized approach criterion is actually VREF to VREF+20, so you can fly final at more like 150kts if you are in a heavy headwind.

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People were complaining about the opposite during open beta iirc

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I wasn’t paying attention to the beta tbh. My fault. I’m actually flying it now so I’ll change my advice based on what I experience when I land.

What I do is engage Appr and disable it 2nm from the threshold with full flaps at 135kts with little trim. The only hard part is maintaing centreline

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You don’t need to flare at the beginning, just bring it down at whatever AOA you came in. Reduce throttle or not but just let it touch the ground on your first flights.

The ground effect should do the job

Closing the throttle slowly at 20 feet would make your landing smooth… Don’t close it fully at once… Just bring it to idle slowly so you don’t slam on the runway

learnt the hard lesson today with a fall on a successful landing… VS wasn’t pretty…

Boeings love speed they say, drops like a log when you come in too slow. So what I did:

I used to practice to land with the old 777-300ER at 160 kts, coming in low 100 feet way before I even reach the runway with flaps 15-20, only killing the engine on touch down. I gradually tried lower speeds with more flaps and now have graduated to a 141kts flaps 30 config, killing engine at 50ft. Funny though, greasing (a.k.a buttering) was much easier at 160kts!

As for trim, I took advice from the forum somewhere, -30 suits all occasions.

Side note: I’ve tried using the above practice method with an Airbus (but at trim -5)… doesn’t work. The ground effect kept it floating when speed’s too high.

Well trim is not necessary unless your sensitivity is super low. I still don’t think the trim affect how the plane flies even though it is actually graphically rendered properly on the 777.

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cough cough autoland