Tips for Written Test

Hello guys I am due to undergone my IFATC Written test sometime today or tomorrow and I’m wondering if any one has some tips or tricks to get through it easily and I’m wondering how long it would take to complete.

Thanks Guys ✈️😀

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Well, like they all say…


Tyler’s videos, and doing some controlling on TS with what you will prepare later


Take your time and have a pen and paper handy
Check over your answers before you move on


What’s the purpose for pen and paper?

There’s some questions that have scenarios, drawing out the scenarios can help


I’d have a read of these two posts I made. Biggest thing from me would be to watch the tutorials over and over and over again.


I believe it is 20 minutes timed.

It is mostly on pattern work/approach controlling, and sequencing aircraft with the correct commands. Some are included with images, others you have to visualise.

At least mine was…

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips!

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Thanks Guys! 😀✈️

Take your time mate, rushed mine and failed. Just.
Due for a retake tomorrow.

Tutorials. Watch them. They help. And have a pen and paper to draw out scenarios

Expanding on what @RTG113 said, can’t stress having pen and paper enough. Write it out, put the aircraft in the positions on something visual that helps you answer the question. Put the runway in the orientation that it’d be directionaly. Put a compass rose on your paper.

Everyone thinks they know that info like the back of their hand, until you have a limited time to answer the question. Having the resources ready helps you be prepared - which is a big part of being IFATC and being prepared for a busy field.

While it is a timed test, you have the time to analyze the situation. Write out the scenario, and then read the question again. If you’ve done the practice, you’ll be able to easily find the correct answer.


I’m also in the same situation, I’m planning on taking my 2nd attempt in the next week or so. From experience, patterns play a big part in the test so having a good idea of how they work is vital. You should also watch Tyler’s YouTube tutorials, they really help!

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Too late now I failed so I will retake in two weeks luckily I didn’t have to retake in 30 days

I’m sorry to hear that. I wouldn’t recommend taking it as soon as you can, though. I also had the two week thing but i chose to wait 3 months. You should wait at least 1 month in my opinion just so you can really be prepared. Remember, you only get three tries!

Now that you have a sense of what the test is like, try to go over what you might have missed, take some time with tutorials, and ask any questions you may have. Two weeks can be long or short, depending on how you use those two weeks to prepare for your retake.

One of the biggest indicators we see in people who fail happen to correlate with the amount of time they take to finish.

Use. All. Your. Time. Wisely. Slow and steady wins the race.


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