Tips for Very Random Route Ideas

Ever felt like you wanted to fly but you don’t know where?

Well I have a solution for you.

Tip for Very Random Route Ideas

  1. Random Coordinates
    Visit and get a coordinates. Find the nearest city near you and remember it. Repeat it the second time and use some sort of trip planner (I use google flights) and make a route.

  2. Area Code (mainly works for USA)
    Pull up random number generator on Google and make the generator go from 100 to 999 (0 to 999 if you want a chance of non-US destinations) get two numbers. Search up area code for (insert your first number here) and get the area and find the largest airport in the area. Repeat for the second number. Use a trip planner (again) to make flight. (I use google flights)

  3. IATA Codes
    Go to and set it so you have one output of 3 letters. Then use Flightradar24 etc to figure out what airport the IATA code represents. If the airport does not exist repeat it. Once you got two airports use a trip planner (again) to make flight. (I use google flights).

  4. Online Multiplayer Games
    Use usernames to make a 3-letter phrase and then follow the same steps as #2

  5. Headings
    Get a random airport from the others. Use a random number generator 0-359 and get a heading. Fly towards the heading or research airports around the heading and fly! -suggested by @Captain_Zen

These are good for flying to random places which is very exciting.

If you don’t like these use:
-Flightaware’s random flight button
-Fpl to IF’s random flight

(Personally I don’t use these since it doesn’t give me the unique airports)


Well this is helpful after all but I wonder if this can exist :/.

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