Tips for transitioning from Training server to Expert server

Hey! Today I was controlling A lot of airports around the world and seen the same things happening over and over again. Here is some tips I would give to people moving from the training server to the expert.

• Start 1 Engine at a time. It’s usually Start Engine 2. Check that it’s stable and then repeat the process on Engine 1.

• DONT request taxi while pushing back. Wait until you have pushed back and are lined up with the taxi line.

• When the ground controller tells you to taxi to a runway and you have to cross a runway to get there. Please don’t just cross it. Hold short and request runway crossing and wait until the controller gives you clearance.

Thank you for listening and hope this helps you and makes the servers a much better place.

Thanks, Ryan ✈️

( if this is in the wrong place can a mod change it please thank you! )


I think I could easily add 50 more items to this list 😊

Tim had a good go at this last year…


If you would like me to add more stuff could you list below thank you!


Yeah these are the main ones 👍🏻

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There we go!

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What do you mean lol 😂

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@azeeuwnl Thank you mate!

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