Tips For Staying On The Server

Hello everyone! For some of my future flights I want to stay on the app in between flights to make it more realistic and turn the aircraft around. What are some good tips to make sure that the app doesn’t crash since I will be on there for a while? Thanks in advance!


Clearing scenery caches, lowest graphics setting, and closing out the app once you are finsished. Deleting replays will also help.

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Your device could automatically close the app by overheating. Prevent overheating by tips from @AmericanB772:

Lower screen brightness and device volume to a minimum
Put off the case to make sure the device cools down easier
If available, put the device with the screen on a pillow and activate an fan to help it cool


Exactly what I do on long hauls!

Another great tip I saw somewhere on another topic that I use for all my flights is to put the camera into Cockpit mode and face and zoom in directly at the ceiling so you are just looking at gray, it lowers the chance of a crash and overheating because there are very free graphics


Clear replay files, place on lowest settings and started new flight

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