Tips For Recording Entire Flight

Hey guys!

(before we begin, I searched Google for answers but found no results)

As you may know, I am going to be flying with Alaska Airlines from PANC to KSEA next week. I would like to record the entire flight, but I don’t necessarily want to hold my phone to the window the entire time. Is there a way to hold my phone in place for a 2-3 hour flight? I was thinking of taping it but I don’t know if flight attendants would take kindly to that or not.

Any other recording tips are immensely appreciated. Thanks!


What are you going be recording it with, like a GoPro?

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I have my iPhone XR and that’s it. It has much more than enough storage for all that video.

I’d like to hear about this as well. I’m looking for some kind of mount to hold my iPhone onto the window for an entire flight.

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Wow. Thanks for the link. I never really though of using a suction cup, but I don’t know where to get a cheap one with such short notice.

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Check Freddies and Walmart

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Do you think tape would be allowed and would allow my phone to still get good video? It can’t be touching the window though, because you get that crappy vibration thing

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Yea dont do that lol

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Better yet, do you think a Popsocket would work as long as I periodically keep it pressed (or even duct taped) to the window?

(never mind, just realized that a Popsocket doesn’t have the other side to put in the window)

I just use a car dashcam mount for my GoPro Hero 7 BLACK, I’m guessing this can be done with a phone too 🤷🏻‍♂️

Most likely but dont use tape on the windows

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Hmm… I’ll have to do some thinking then. I may or may not be able to go to Walmart for a suction cup holder.

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If I do find one, I won’t spend much more than $10 on one.

Wait… what if I got something from the tool section that has a sticky side and a suction side?

My solution for cheap skates, it worked from Toronto to Calgary 😂

Close the window onto your phone 😂

I put my phone on charge, and away it went. Only fell off 3 times in 4½ hours! Lol


That might work, being that my phone is so slim and all. I could do that for cruise.

I’d say mine worked out fine 😂


Not bad, but the vibrations will be really annoying on a regular speed video

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Yeah. It was on a timelapse mode so I have no slower version.