Tips for Realism

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for some time now and I am in love with it. I slowly developed myself from being a novice to a professional pilot in Infinite Flight. I take this game very seriously in all circumstances. I use real world charts, real routes (if able) and real flying techniques.

Now my question is, how can I play Infinite Flight more realistically? I know Infinite Flight isn’t a PC flight sim so you can’t do everything on it like you can on a PC, but what are some secrets you use to make your flights real?

Keep in mind: I use IF checklists, fuel planners, real charts, real routes, and real world flying techniques (descent planning, taxi speeds, cruising altitude calculations, real callsigns w/ liveries, etc)

Thanks for any responses given :)


Join a VA is one of my tips. I run CityHopper IF if tou would like to join or get more detailes just Message me.

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Realistic callsigns for each livery, ie not an American callsign fora Phillipines airlines.

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I do use real callsigns and liveries when I’m flying, I forgot to mention that


You seem to keep alot realistic,

What about takeoff? Do you pay attention to N1 and such.

I suppose @Laurens could give some input on the subject.

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Yes, I’ve recently started doing reduced take-off (not using exactly 90% N1)

I joined American Airline Virtual Airline, I follow taxi speeds, ascend and descent protocols, the only thing I do not do is follow real flight paths. I do use the waypoints thats about it. @CptNathanHope if you dont mind me asking where do you get the flightplans?

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I use flightaware mainly if I’m flying in the US regions. Internationally, I use other third party sources.

I’m also a part of American Airlines Virtual, I just haven’t been on lately

I try to schedule flights through the website regularly

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The best tips for realism:

  • Don’t fly something bigger than the A318 into London City.
  • Don’t fly something bigger than the B737-700 into Aspen.
  • Don’t fly a heavy into San Clemente. Or just don’t fly a civil aircraft into San Clemente at all.
  • Don’t fly 250kts < in the Dash. Just don’t. We know it’s able to fly faster, but just don’t.
  • Try to use aircraft & liveries in regions where they fit to. E.G. An ANA Dash 8 is totally out of place at Denver.
  • Don’t park a Dash 8 at a gate parking (g8, get it?)

I honestly hardly care about Approach charts, just fly in how you want, but the things listed above are my deepest wishes.
InfiniteFlight is a simulator, right?


All the tips listed above I use as well

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I wrote it for the general audience.
A lot more people should be aware of this.

You probably meant [>250].

Why not?

@CptNathanHope Sounds like you keep the whole stuff pretty realistic.
I suggest you to pick your flights from Flightradar24 and reproduce them in IF Live in real time, using proper aircraft, livery and callsign (I always do so).
I need to see a video to evaluate your flight techniques.


I’ll try to make a video sometime this week.

Expect criticism @CptNathanHope.


Because if you have a door to flap out you should use it. Seemed logical to me.


@Laurens I’ll do a flight from PDX-SEA on Live, expect the video Friday/Saturday

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Tag me, id like to watch

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Ryanair’s 737s have build-in airstairs as well…