Tips for Paro (VQPR)

Hey Everyone!

I recently tried landing at Paro and it’s safe to say I butchered the approach multiple times and ended up diverting. I was in an A320. I figured any aircraft larger than that would just be unrealistic.
Does anyone know what the best approach into Paro is? Because I can’t seem to get it right or find a decent approach chart to use.
If y’all have suggestions, let me know please! Thanks!


Just search “Paro approach charts” - you should find them.

I think this will help:


I prefer the tight approach lol @Omar_Alqinneh


My tip for you is to stay at very low altitude before the mountain final turn. The speed is crucial: need to be 128-145 IAS, if you goo too fast or slow you’ll go around. :)


I’ll look again.

Thank you so much! I’ll go over these

I’ve done plenty of these visual approaches that involve turns onto short final. The biggest tip I have to offer is to turn earlier onto final. It’s very easy to overshoot turns given the misleading speed of the aircraft along with the depth of perception of humans. Turn earlier than you think you’re supposed to and you’ll end up right on final. It’s much easier if you’re using the HUD since you can just point the flight path vector at the runway threshold.

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The mountainous terrain makes a glitch so you can see the airport and runways behind a mountain. But going around if you’re unstable is the best choice to do.

@FLyboy277 if tou want we can try it now 🙃

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I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks!

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Yeah I didn’t want to risk an unnecessary crash or violation

Maybe try casual server or solo for practice.

Yeah makes sense

Thanks for the offer @Davide_DC I’m kinda done for the day though

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Here is a tutorial. This one really helps me when I still can’t quite make that final turn!


Nice!! Thanks for the link!

No problem!

@MDoor knows this approach quite well. I don’t - I crashed into a mountain in front of the IFVARB…


Hello, I was with him. I did share a approach into Paro