Tips for not panicking

Can i get some tips on how not to panic on final? I was on final @KPHX and I thought I was using the ATC correctly,

for example, " C-HRIS, is on final Runway 8" , and im on the threshold and they would be like “C-HRIS, Please see how to use the ATC instuctions on the home page”

i panicked

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Read/watch and understand tutorials before doing a flight.
You are not getting reported as long as you don’t interfere with others or spamming frequency.

If cleared to land no need to report position


Hi! You should not be reporting on final when handed off to Tower, you should announce inbound on the ILS/VIS/GPS.


Just don’t panic. Simple… or at least easier said than done. 😅

I’d suggest checking the User Guide on how to talk to ATC and tips on flying if you’re unsure in Infinite Flight.


A few of us IFATC members also put together a guide that breaks down how to communicate with ATC to the T. Check it out, and see if it helps you in the slightest. As long as you don’t break any rules and follow instructions, you’ll be fine.


Hi, the thing is that, once you were cleared for landing, you are expected to be on final at some point in time, so the instruction just clogs the frequency.
The only common time it should be used is when you are in pattern and would like ATC to know that the “option” they cleared/will clear you for will be a full stop. It isn’t required, but doing so is a good practice.

When ATC is active, there is no need to report position. However, if you are on final, and not cleared to land, you should report that you are on final. Also, remember that no one’s perfect, and we all make mistakes. I am guilty of landing and forgetting my gear. Let’s just say that didnt end well 😑

Basically if you are cleared for landing runway 8 (for example) you should not be reporting your position.
On final, stay focused on your flight.
According to captain Joe : navigating is number 1 priority then communication comes after.
You did nothing bad don’t worry

You should also check in with the controller for tips.

It’s probably that you were already cleared to land. If you are cleared to land you do not need to report your position after receiving the clearance

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As others have said, when you get cleared to land the tower controller knows your location and thus there isn’t a need to report it.

As for panicking, just remember that a “check user guide” is not a report threat. Your track record is in no imminent danger when that happens, it’s more of a gentle nudge to let you know, hey, something you did wasn’t necessary/correct, but announcing position does not constitute interfering with traffic, so you won’t be reported for that.

There’s nothing to panic about. You were just a bit unaware and the controller asked you to read the manual once for clearer views on using the atc. You’re not being judged or something, everyone has faced this believe me. Just get to the IF website and go through all the tutorials, they would be of immense help… And for sure the IFC is best way to receive help… There are a lot of topics from which you can get help.

Never panic with the atc, just simply surrender and do what they say, they’re really well trained for that!

Again, just go through the manual and you’ll be more confident!

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