Tips for not clogging the forum

Hi, as you have seen this post has a really long title which I will explain right here. Clogging the forum with posts has been an issue for a long time and I’m pretty sure mods despise it. Here are some tips for not clogging up the forum (especially with feature requests)

#1- Search before posting! This has probably been said over a million times but I shall make it the one millionth time! If you think your request had been done before look it up! Even if you think your post hasn’t been done before, look it up!

#2- Questions, there are some pretty interesting and logical questions in the forum but some of them are pointless to put on as a post (like the “when am I going to turn grade something”). No question is stupid and should always be answered and I think some questions can be solved by PMing a staff member and they’ll quickly answer you.

#3 Livery and/or aircraft requests Feature requests are vital to the selection of aircraft, so make them high quality posts! Another thing is that don’t request liveries for planes that haven’t come out yet, why? If you want that livery then look up the planes feature request and vote for that which will give the plane more attention. Try not to make livery requests for really old aircraft as it is highly unlikely they will be carried out, instead vote for the aircrafts rework.

#4 A350… FDS has said the A350 won’t come anytime soon so don’t keep on asking for it if you know the info already! We know you want it but you have to be patient. Forgot to mention that the more you ask the A350 the more time it’ll take…at this rate we’ll get the A350 by 2020 not I including time for development.

#5 Complaining on posts that aren’t meant for that, I have been subject to this as I have done it before and I was ashamed. Just don’t do it or take it to a PM.

#6 Making posts because why not, this community encourages posts to be encouraging, productive and overall of high quality so don’t make a post because you feel like it! If you have an idea carry it out in the best possible way and make it into the forum itself.

#7 Bizzare requests, We all dream of the day one of our feature requests comes to life in IF right? Well sometimes are requests are a bit too complicated to be carried out. Things such as the Avrocar are a bit too hard to produce as well as other features so let me remind you that FDS is a small team dealing with a big community so don’t make them do incredibly complicated stuff.

#8 Updates, dont…just don’t start asking for things directly after the update like come on, appreciate what they do. They go through feature requests frequently and it is ultimately their decision to implement so don’t get mad if your request doesn’t make it in the next update.

#9 Duplicate topics, Flag the bloody post and that’s it! We don’t need hundreds of people saying “this is a duplicate”. If you see that someone already announced that the post was a duplicate don’t say it again!

#10 Speak the truth, don’t lie on the forum as you WILL be caught. We aren’t foolish so don’t lie. Lying is viewed as disrespectful and rude. Don’t claim something that isn’t yours to be yours! It is an insult to the creator.

#11 Violations and Ghostings…If you wanted to know the exact reason why you got ghosted or received a violation then PM the controller and ask him about it. They must have a reason to ghost you and they shall not ghost without reason. If you have been ghosted indirectly them contact a mod.

#12 Controlling the forum, this forum was meant to be fun and to be enjoyed but to a certain extent. Respect the rules and respect the staff or you will not have a good time. Try not to swear and not go off topic and again let me remind you that this is an aviation forum so don’t pull up with a “what’s your favorite car” topic or you will anger quite a lot of people.

Let me end this with saying that these are my opinions on how to not clogging the forum. I am not saying that the people who do this are wrong but they can certainly contribute to the forum. With that I say goodbye and again don’t get triggered but this as they are just tips.

Peace out!


Mods… Do me a favor and pin this for some time.

(And also don’t count those A350 mentions to add to the delay time 😂)


Already edited the A350 section 😉 If the mods pin this I’ll probably pass out but I would love for more people to see this!


Lol I love this post so much. It’s common sense that lots of people on this forum lack! Not everyone but still a lot. 😂


I would adjust the title to “How to not clog up the forum”. Otherwise delete points 2 and 5 so you’re not straying off topic in your own post 😂

Agree 100% but these types of posts get lost in about 20 minutes, the losers just don’t read them.


Do it even if You don’t think it has been done before!!


For some reason I forgot to add that 😂


I think another one should be that you shouldn’t make a post just to make a post. On this forum we’re all about meaningful, realistic, and productive discussion. If you don’t have something to say that contributes to the conversation, don’t say anything at all. If you don’t have a new idea for a productive topic, don’t post one. Just my $0.02


Thanks for the tip, I shall now add it in the post!

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Maybe add a section about the following things…

  • When an update is released, don’t go straight to the feature categories and start saying we need this now over and over again. The devs will go through feature requests and decide which ones to implement in the future. Repeating I want this now this should be next is not ok. Especially because the devs have already have been working on the next update.

  • When someone says a topic is a duplicate, don’t continue to bicker about it. That is why we have Moderators! To add on to this when someone replies to a topic with a link to the original topic, there is no need for another person to do the same thing and expect the moderators to think that they are helping too. There are lots of people on here who are wanna be Moderators and it’s just annoying. Cut out the race to reply first with a link to the duplicate topic. You are not helping by posting multiple replies with the same exact thing as the first reply.

  • Be honest. I have seen multiple people lie on the drawings thread saying they drew this or that when they got the image from the internet. Just cut it out. There are tens of thousands of people on here and if you think not one of them will notice, then think again.

  • Stop using others pictures on the best IF pictures thread. If it’s not your own picture, or if you didn’t edit it to get a final product to post, then don’t post it. I personally don’t see why people even do it. To get likes, then shame on you. Keep it to your own posts, who knows, maybe you will get a great shot and edit it to get an amazing final product.

  • When you are ghosted by IFATC, PM the controller please. There are so many topics that are made and most of the time the controller was correct in his or her reasoning. But if you do feel the need to fight it, then message them, don’t make a pointless topic. The only acception is if you can’t find the controllers user name. In that case it is ok to make a topic. But you should do your best to search for them before making a topic.

  • Have a great time on the forum, but don’t go overboard. The forum is here to have a great time having civilized discussion with others from around the world. However there is a point where you have too much fun, and start posting replies that are absolutely meaningless, and it turns the forum into an off topic chat room. The forum is very different than that, so just keep that in the back of your head next time you go to reply. An occasional joke (that is actually funny) or something like that is ok but when it continues constantly on a thread, that’s when it crosses the line.

Alright that’s my shpeal, I’ll add onto it as something else goes through my brain.


I’ll type all of this as fast as I can, thanks for the help!

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I would really love for this post to get a bit more of attention eoecislly for the people that don’t follow these rules, maybe direct the, towards the post.

Do not use that word 🤦🏼‍♂️

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This happens so much! The first person to say it is alright, and I can see the second doing it if they were typing at the same time as the other, but the third? Take some time to see if it’s been posted, and if you see it’s been posted, DON’T POST IT. Just hit the handy “cancel” button and be done with it. It should’t be a point of pride to say “I posted first!!!”.


I totally agree with you!

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What does clogging mean?

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Like tips for keeping the forum clean.
I can’t exactly translate it and the literal translation is with toilets, pipes, etc.


No more “What is your favorite…?” threads.

They have all been done a hundred times before, I promise.

Route. Airport. Aircraft. In IF. In real life. On a train. In a plane. With a fox. Wearing socks.^ Every variation you can think of has already been done.

Just stop.

^I may be a little hazy on my Dr. Seuss…


… Or would you rather
… Or guess the _____
… And go easy on the polls


Hahaha! I feel you, these people come up with some odd topics…”Favorite plane in IF but not in IRL” “Favorite airplane food” These people can come up with anything as long as they have permission to do so.