Tips For No HUD Flight

hello, I am struggling to get used to flying no HUD in the a320 family and other aircraft as well. Does anyone have any tips for being lined up with the runway both normal weather and crosswind, and for knowing how hard you are coming down onto the ground?


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I would keep the Center line in between the 2 buttons in front of the panel.


I think it helps when you do patternwork or many landings in general and then you will get used to it.
You can see the Vs in the 320 family directly I think right of the altitude indicator it’s a line and it shows you how fast you are sinking/climbing.


Practice makes perfect.

That’s all I can say.


I also had a lot of flights to do until I got used to it, but as the others said, practice makes it perfect. Don’t try to be perfect at your first attempts, make a step-by-step approach. The hint with the two buttons is very good, I do it as well.
Regarding crosswind it is just a feeling on how much rudder is required, also here: practice, and try different scenarios :)
For the flare I can give three hints:

  1. don’t pull up too much to prevent a float, very little corrections are enough to flare properly togerther with ground effect.
  2. look out of the window, not on the instruments. Similar principle like the HUD landing landing method where you try to hold the FPV at the RWY end.
  3. look at the replay to judge whether you’ve started your flare too early (A320 typically between 20ft and 30ft AGL), and whether your pitch at touchdown is reasonable. If it is too high, increase you approach speed a bit and try again.
    Hope that helps. Happy flying!

My old teacher once said practice makes permanent as once you’ve learnt something you remember it forever.

Now landing with the HUD takes some time to get used to, I made a diagram to help you understand, when landing in a crosswind to land on the Center line try and keep the diamond under the artificial horizon Center the whole way down on the glide slop and same with the vertical diamond. To see how fast you’re descending look for the little box that has a number in it, see image below. If it says -7 you’re descending at a rate of -7XX feet per minute. For take off I recommend use the tail camera to line up perfectly with the runway then once at takeoff thrust keep the Center line to the right a bit and if you’re in the first officer view to the left a bit. See image below.

Hope this helps you.


Will certaintly help me :>

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A great thing to do during landing is to do the so-called cockpit scan, as you have no FPV. Keep scanning the instruments and look outside to keep it as stable as you can. Keep monitoring the speed, your altitude, look outside at the runway. Monitor your localiser and glide slope closely and as soon as you notice yourself drifting off either off them, correct yourself as soon as possible. What you don’t want to do is subconsciously let your speed drop, or fall below the localiser too much, try and correct yourself and get back on it soon as possible, what you don’t want to do is keep monitoring one thing then forget about the other, then end up having to do a go around because you drifted a mile of the localiser.
Also, practice makes perfect!

See these pictures (A320):

Yellow is your plane nose
Magenta cross is your runway
Green diamond is you flight plan
This the way to fly HUD-less.
You have the same symbols in the ND (right display).
In this exemple the plane is a bit out of the FD (green cross in left display) and we are at 30 feet. With cross winds.
[edit] I’ve just glanced at the answers bellow. It seems you don’t have those indicators in the PFD. If I remember well you can overlay the HUD over cockpit view

Actually the vertical speed indicator is also the least readable number in the cockpit cuz stupid antialiasing. I’d rather have it bigger than IRL than be unable to read it without zooming in lol


I agree, it is almost impossible to see what the indicators say without zooming in.

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I hope to get the samsung tab S6 soon. My phone simply is too small…

I know what sim you used and I like it a lot

But I think the IF devs should add those symbols at the bottom of the PFD would make it much more realistic

BTW alignment tip (only works without crosswind) The runway should extend through the middle of the right side of the instruments. Check that out by spawning on a runway somewhere.

That pink thing is there, we just don’t have the plus sign

The pink diamond are ILS. The FD green cross is calculated from the ILS. Because if you really follow ILS you’ll be sent for touchdown at the opposite side of the runway.
In this example I was a bit to high.

I am nearly 100% sure that this isn’t correct. The ILS guides you directly to the touchdown zone of the RWY.

Oups yes. Whatever follow FD green cross it will make you centered to LOC and G/S like a child game. FD means piece of cake.

We don’t have the green cross in IF though, hence other things shared above must be utilised.

Maybe that you can set the ND (right display generally) in LS mode. The yellow mark shows you the plane nose heading and the magenta line shows you the alignment to the runway: