Tips For Night Landings

I was just trying to land at Zurich night landing, it was pitch black and I could barely seen my a220 surroundings, any tips on how to land at night?


Set your brightness to max and then try landing it will be good…

Take advantage of the PAPI lights and runway lights!

Brightness Max and be in a dark place.

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You can always change the time via the pause screen if not wanting to do a night landing, your choice.

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Set your date to any night with a full moon, or close to a full moon. It makes visibility like 10 times better. Personally my go to is June 13 2022, but any day works really. This isn’t too helpful for the people who like to use the real life date, but it works nonetheless.

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I don’t think you can change the visibility unless in solo

He means the normal visibility not fog
Like the field of view with full visibility

Use LNAV GPS to navigate to airport, all way to the point, you can the the runways of your destination airport. Then align with your selected runway in your preferred method of landing 🙂

(Also remember to turn brightness higher for better view :) )

My preference is, using ILS to align with runway then approach and landing!

You pause then go to time then you choose…expert server.

its the time not the visibility right?

As soon as you see the PAPI lights aim in the middle of them and a tiny bit above.

I would suggest using night at a dark area so that way it’s more viable in the screen

Use HUD mode on approach, and use the glideslope (if runway is equipped w/ it) to stabilize yourself on the approach

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