Tips for night landings

I always just landed during the day, but now that it is a lot more realistic I want to be able to land at night (real time). I tried to land at JFK earlier but once I touched down my plane went crazy. I can always land fine and on the strips during the day, but I always struggle at night. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to make the night approach easier?

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Turn your brightness all the way up!


Well nighttime approaches have improved substantially since the last update, I’d say use your instruments to your advantage. Make sure you’re established on the localizer and glideslope and sprout should be fine.

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Look down to the end of the runway to judge the flare this is more important at night then in the day light. Stay on the PAPIs for the glide path, and set it down easy.


Or just use the glideslope indicator in the HUD

Brightness up all the way, and while on short final, look for the runway lights!!

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