Tips for Maximizing Range


I’m about to fly from New York to Sydney on Qantas’ B747-400ER. As some of you might remember, I attempted to fly from London to Sydney a few months back, but had to divert. What tips do you have for maximizing the range of my B744? Note that I don’t want to use bugs/glitches. Could you even make the journey nonstop?



I doubt New York to Sydney can be done nonstop on the B744 without doing something like flying on 2 engines. I would recommend trying it on the Qantas B789.

If you want to try on the 744 anyway, pack a lot of fuel, basically no pax or cargo, and step climb


Okay, max fuel, 30 pax, 250kg cargo, cruise at FL320, descend to FL280 halfway.

Do you think cutting an engine would help?

Definitely step climbing, and taxing with 2 engines, but I really don’t know if the B747 could make this but it’s worth a shot.


I don’t have the numbers but I’m 99.5% sure it won’t do it unless you do the Flaps 10 glitch.


Okay, I’m planning a diversion to Nadi, Fiji at approx 2021-02-02T20:00:00Z. I’ll refuel there and continue on to Sydney.

I’m currently at FL320 near KAMA, currently experiencing 71 knot headwinds. Should I climb, descend, or remain?

If it were me, I would keep my eye on the remaining fuel, and wouldn’t climb, step climbing is usually done about half way through going all they way up to an hour before decent and touchdown.

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Im not sure if u can. but i think the a380/787 have enough range

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also, isnt KAMA in america lol, anyways if u need atc just tag me and if im awake or if i see it i will come

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787 definitely has enough (IRL and in game) because Qantas operated Project Sunrise


Just a quick question, where did you divert before? Also I don’t know if the 744 can make that journey. The A380 might be able to but the B787 definitely can C: The 747 might be able to make it from LAX though…

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I think its about the 747-400 range being a problem, I would use flaps 5-10 then it would fly normal and better or use trim


At this rate, it seems like I would barely have enough fuel to reach Sydney.

Yeah the 789 would be capable of doing such flights. I once completed London to Sydney (Don’t worry about the number of attempts I had and what happened on each one). But yeah all the advise I was going to give was already said above. Do it because it really helps

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I wanted to use the B744 because the B789 on this flight is a bit unoriginal.

Fair enough, i understand. After all it is the queen of the skies

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Where r u btw right now? From what i read you were going to refuel in fiji or something

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I’m currently 100nm southeast of PLCH.