Tips for making a Virtual Airline

I clicked SIGN UP. Create a new account. Screw it, Ill use wix instead

Consider EditorX as well. It‘s part of wix but offers better templates and more options. It‘s basically Wix 2.0!

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EditorX has a really trash domain.

I think most people underestimate the amount of work needed to not only create but maintain a VA, just be ready for that.

Never said it was easy. Time to create a new Google Account

I don’t have any tips. 💱💲💵💷💶💴🤑💰💸💳

But it sounds really good, i like the name of TAROM. It would be very nice to see Tarom aircraft in the sky. 📈

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I will try my best

Now, I will make another thread following the progress of creating TAROM VA.

Moderator Note: This thread may be closed.

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Just saying I am pretty sure that such threads aren‘t allowed. You can post for required staff when you are progressing with your VA in

Also regarding EditorX: yes, it doesn‘t have an optimal domain, but it will be very hard for you to find a website editor that enables you to have your own custom domain without you paying for the domain or paying a royalty to the website builder.

Pretty sure it says all kinds of VA topics in these threads?

But a VA‘s thread is only published whenever a virtual airline is already operational and is actively recruiting pilots, so after it was certified by IFVARB. From there on it can be used for everything relating to that VA, but not before that.

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But maybe I am also wrong, I just read that these kind of topics are normally not permitted. As long as nobody objects to your topic, keep it open though, since I am no IFVARB member and only have the average knowledge regarding regulation from reading stuff on the IFC.

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Yep if im wrong please close both

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