Tips for Longer Flying

Hi IFC! Do you guys have any tips for longer flying?

I want to do a flight from Cairo to South Africa which will take approximately 7 hours. In that time, I will go out. Any tips for longer flying?

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To save your device from overheating turn your brightness and sound to zero, turn your graphics to low and point the camera at the sky. This has helped me avoid countless crashes I would have gotten before doing this.

Thank you!

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Use step climb to save fuel !

Monitor your flight from time to time, winds can change during your flight, and adjust your speed and altitude according to the weather activity.
If you fly west and turn east or vice-versa, change your altitude according to your flight direction.
In active airspace, try to be controlling the aeroplane and do all the instructions Center traffic tells you to do.

I use Position Report, it can be a daunting task for most people, but I like to do it in real-life flights.

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There is a complete guide created by @Average_Gamer that covers most points mentioned above and more :)

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Thanks everyone! Wish me a safe flight…

EgyptAir 839 Heavy HECA-FAOR

Expert Server


Forgot to post an update yesterday, I have landed at 1910Z

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