Tips For Longer Flights?


Hi everybody, just wondering if anyone had any tips for flying a overseas Flight plan. I plan to fly one soon, maybe KSFO to EGLL. Or if anyone has any recommendations as to where to fly.

How to do a long flight?

What device are you using?

If you’re using a powerful device (check this page out to see how powerful your device is)

Then you should be fine just flying away, however If your using an older/ less powerful device, I recommend clearing your RAM, turning down graphic settings, putting on low power mode, lowering your devices brightness… and you should have a great flight!

(oh and p.s, I recommend using to create accurate/ realistic flight plans for your flight!


See this user-compiled list for some route recommendations, some of which are long haul:



Thanks, appreciate it!


No problem. Have a great flight!


Hello Riley, thanks for the link. Useful information, will definelty be using it!


I’ve done loads of long. Haul flights. I’m currently on my way from nzaa to egll. I do pretty much as suggested above works fine for me just make sure you keep your phone charged and away from kids (I’ve learnt that lesson recently. 🙄)


Haha will do. I can only imagine where you ended up


Plane nose diving into the Indian Ocean 2 vio’s and Back to Grade 3 for. A week. 😭

Now I treat my phone like a do medicines.
Keep out of reach of children.


Make sure to set your brightness all the way down and set the camera to “Scenic” to avoid screen burn. Also, make sure you have low power mode ticked. You can use for flight plans as well. As long as you can land before you run out of fuel, you should be good! 😉


Also. Watch your speed. Don’t go blasting around a m.88 if you get a tailwind it will put you in a situation where you’re Over speeding and you will get violations. I’m usually at m.83 - m.85 That’s the max I fly at.


Hello, you can use FPLtoIF and make a random flight.


If it’s a ultra long haul route, using the step climb method is very resourceful and helps you maintain fuel rather then burn off a majority during your climb. Here a guide to step climbing that is very useful!


A great tip for longer flights is to have a lot of fuel.


Longer flights are awesome. Generally I begin like always making the flight plan then taking off until FL350 and activated the AP and mach 0.88.
The longer flight I make in the night, so you can choose flights with a duration of 12 hours or 6 hours. You can travel from KJFK to EGLL or EHAM, or a flight from KSFO to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it’s wonderful. You can travel to everywhere in IF.


Really, scenic is better? I always panned to a dark section in the cockpit!


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