Tips for Long-Haul Flights

There may be a topic already that covers this. If that is the case this can be shut down.

Recently, I have seen a bigger number of people saying that their app crashes on long haul flights. I am going to list some things that may help especially for iPhone users.

  1. Turn view to Scenic - this will help keep the app moving lowering its ability to crash
  2. Turn time to night - this always seems to help
  3. Unplug and then plug back in - this will keep the device moving also as stated in the first (On overnighters keep it plugged in at all time)
  4. Turn graphics to the lowest setting - this will keep the game smoother (especially for iPhone)
  5. Turn off HUD
  6. Turn “Anti Aliasing” off
  7. Lower your screen brightness
  8. Turn on low power mode
  9. Restart device before every flight

Also, newer iPads are really good for Long hauls and Ultra Long hauls.

Hope this helps.

Support Staff have been keeping the user base up to speed and have this listed under trending. Thanks for your thoughtful post though :)