Tips for long haul flights

Well, lets say all flights, this will answer your questions about global flight and long haul flying.
So, lets start of with a guide to setting up flights.
Guide for flights

  1. Lets start of with basics, planning, I don’t usually go really deep into planning my flights, but you can, Use this guide for planning flights.
    Flight planning series | Part 1 Route information
    If you do not want to do that, just search up your flight like this
    (example) Search on google 'Dubai to Auckland flights’
    Scroll and you will see a box with a list of flights and the duration of the flight.
    Search for the flight that you want, for example 'EK001’
    Go to the website which should be the first website you get as a result.
    If you are lucky, the route should be in the ‘Flight Data’ Section, which you should decode and type up, if there is no route, just use
    Text Copy the route.

  2. Alright, now that thats sorted, you can get to work.
    Insert the route into the search bar at the top of the global map.
    Fill up on fuel, if you’re flight time is for example 10 hours, I would take 13.5 hours incase I encounter headwind.

  3. Pushback, start up engines (I would recommend leaving one engine off until you are 1st in line for take off, then start them both up to save fuel.)

  4. Climb.

  5. Cruise. Now this is where the next part of this tutorial comes in handy. Cruise speed depends on aircraft

  6. Descend
    Use this tutorial for descending.
    How to descend (For Beginners) in a simple way

  7. Land and taxi to parking.

How to keep occupied on long haul flights

  1. Sleep: If you are tired, or just need to sleep because its 11 PM for you.
  2. Watch a Movie or TV.
  3. Play Video Games.
  4. Go for a walk. Maybe with your dogs or cats?
  5. Listen to music. <— This stuff is good.
  6. Browse through the forums, lots on cool things to find on here,

How to NOT crash during flight

  1. Keep your device on charge.
  2. Fully restart your device to refresh it. (BEFORE THE FLIGHT)
  3. Make sure no apps are open in the background
  4. Have a strong wifi connection.
  5. Use low battery mode if your device has. Otherwise keep brightness to a minimum
  6. Check on your device every once in a while.
  7. Keep Graphic Settings on a medium/low level.

Thanks for Reading!
Happy Landings!


Side note, do not do this in flight, this is a before flight procedure 🤭😄


This definitely depends on type, for example an A320 has a sweet spot of around M .78 while some long-haul aircraft like faster cruise speeds.


Depends on your payload margins. If you have room to spare, add more fuel and start both engines when you push. When I am near MTOW I will start one and start the other when I am nearing the takeoff runway. 1st in line is too late in my opinion, you need time for it to start up so you are not throttling one engine on takeoff.

Every aircraft cruises at different speeds. While yes you could cruise at that speed in a 767, the 767 is best for fuel consumption at .80 or 81. If you’re doing a 2,000 mile flight and you have enough fuel cruise at whatever speed you want but you likely won’t be able to make SEA-PVG when going at .84 with a full load.


I don’t think I’d ever fly for more than 2 hours in the game, any more and it seems like much.


Use Trim, trim saves fuel, it is really helpful if you’re attempting a flight that should be impossible for the aircraft. Like idk, Queenstown to London in a 320, use trim to save fuel

100% impossible. Even adjusting the trim won’t help you fly that distance. 😂


you really want me to do that -_-


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