Tips for landing?

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Not sure if you still need tips on how to land… But I’d recommend you head onto Solo and play around with it. Start your flight on final and just practice your final approaches/pattern work.

How To Select ‘Final Approach’:

Other Tips & Tricks:


I’d like to add on to Balloonchaser’s awesome guide by giving you a couple of tips myself:

  • Practice makes perfect - you aren’t going to nail it the first time, don’t expect to nail it every single time. Even with experience, I myself may have a bad landing every so often (actually, more often than not). Get those landings in, find what works, and constantly make small adjustments until you have it just right

  • Small adjustments - the majestic airplane is one that doesn’t need drastic changes in movement: only small changes up and down, left and right, fast and slow should be needed. Large movements, especially close to touchdown, can ruin the whole approach and cause a potentially terrible landing.

And last but not least, you can always go around. If something isn’t the way you want it, set that takeoff power, retract your flaps, and raise your gear, go back around for another one.

Happy landings!

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