Tips for landing w/o FPV

I want to eventually be able to land in the A320 family without HUD. I think the problem is that I’m spoiled with the FPV. so I would like some tips on landing without the FPV. Thanks in advance:)


Usually try to put the center line towards the middle of the grey area in the F/O view, I know that may not make sense but it works for me

Could you demonstrate with a picture please?

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I will, when I land as I am flying now. But if you turn on the game you will see in the F/O view you will see in the cockpit 2 black buttons on the left and 1 on the right. Just try to make the runway center line between them.

So a skill necessary in real life flying is to know the sight picture. Basically how much sky between the top of dash and where you are trying to go. So for example to fly straight and level in a Piper Warrior for me the horizon is about and inch above the dash. When you are decending the picture changes and for the A320 this I one of the things you have to get used to.

Practice doing visual with a little aid from the FDS in the XCub to practice. It will help you visualize when it is a good time to flare and where you are on the runway. Because you will be moving at a slower speed you will have more time to adjust to correct for winds and such . This will help greatly with your No HUD landings.

I’d start with smaller aircraft and do patterns closer to the airport in order to build a picture of what the runway should look like. If your getting too high the runway will look skinnier and longer. If you’re getting too low it’s going to look thicker and shorter. The cues that your aligned with the centerline is that the trapezoid picture of the runway is equivalent if it was to be bisected. The trapezoid shape should be the same shape but getting larger as you approach the runway.

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