Tips for landing the A350!

Hello everyone hope your doing well,
I was having some trouble buttering the A350. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips for landing it?

Thanks guys!


Try greasing it, you may have better results.


What do you mean greasing it? I was trying to find tips for « greasing » it… XD

Greasing it is easier for some but has a lower success rate.

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Greasing is a rival term to buttering. Think of the Infinite Flight Community as having sworn allegiance to either Team Butter or Team Grease. Some are allegiant to neither.

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Yes I know but people seem to misunderstanding what I am trying to say here. I want tips for buttering the a350

Yes I know but I needed tips for buttering the A350. (TEAM BUTTER WILL WIN)

We’re kidding around, done worry.

A big tip is…

Just don’t stall


Hehehe that’s a good one fore sure XD

Here’s a tip. When you flare for landing, try and maintain a 2-3 degree flare angle, but keeping a slow enough landing speed. You’ll know you over-flared if you climb back into the air.


Try a flaps 3 155-166 knots you should have a 700-1000 FPM descent rate on final bellow this will cause you to float upon flare above this will stall when you idle the throttles, or a 145-150knts flaps 4 your weight should be about 30-55% I usually find an approach speed based on my descent rate.


The A350 is really build to fly so don’t flare too much and just trust your feelings. It isn’t too different from landing an A320 or similar in my opinion. (I hope this even remotely helps.)

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Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for answering! Helped a lot

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Mhm I see… thanks so much for answering I’ll definitely try it out!

Idle at 30 ft AGL

Gentle flare at 20ft AGL

You have to practice to get it to not float :)

Full flaps
150-160 KIAS
Gear down

That’s about it :)

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I find the A350 very buttery

Thanks I’ll try this out for sure!

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I wrote up a post on this somewhere, perhaps you’ll find this helpful, let me just find a link.


Glad it helped!

That’s the way I do it every time and I make butter 99% of the time.

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