Tips for IFATC Exam

Hello everyone, well, I think this topic so that the people of the community, in particular, IFATC, give me recommendations for my written and practical exam to apply for ATC, the reason for this, is to be the best prepared to apply these exams and likewise, to be able to pass both exams and be part of IFATC. By the way, I had planned to do the exam today so all recommendations will be welcome
Thanks, greetings and happy flights :)

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Contact a trainer. It helps a lot.

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I was thinking about doing that for the practitioner, thank you :)

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G’day Manuel,

For the written test,

  • Use your time effectively,
  • Remain calm and think throughly about the scenario, statement or question before you submit your final answer
  • I’d recommend also utilising a pen and paper to draw out the scenarios so you can understand the question/specific scenario as much as possible :)

Regarding the practical,

  • Practice, Practice, Practice haha!

  • Just get used to traffic, patterns, sequencing, transitions etc etc all that jazz

  • If possible, try getting a training session with the wonderful IFATC Trainers as they’ll give you some valuable feedback you can utilise to getting better and prepared for your practical :)

And of course, check out all the ATC Tutorials as much as possible:

Specifically the Perfect Test tutorial to get best prepared for your practical:

And additionally, if you’ve some spare time on your hands,
I’d recommend having a bit of a read through the ATC Manual below:

Hope to see you in the IFATC Team soon!


I just passed my exam a few days ago, make sure you have a pen and paper so you can draw out the scenarios, and I’d definitely say watch all the videos on YouTube!!! It might seem boring sat there looking at someone control an airspace but they really do help!

Best of luck!

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Thank you very much, these tips will take you very much into account before doing both tests

Thank you very Much Bro

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