Tips for IF with a wrist splint...

As the title says, fractured my wrist can’t use left arm. Any suggestions??

May be slow to reply about to go to sleep

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Rest your arm for a little while.

This isn’t really IF related. You should wait until you’re a regular to post things like this. :)


Yeh just a question…

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Are you left handed? You could use your right hand, and like what @CptNathanHope said [quote=“CptNathanHope, post:2, topic:70142”]
Rest your arm for a little while.


Right handed, I think i said it is on my left so can’t do throttle or anything on the left of the screen.

You’ll have trouble at takeoff. How about using trim instead of elevators, and using the speed A/P for throttle. When the Autothrottle advances to TO/GA, disengage the autopilot.

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Maybe your mom or dad could be your co pilot lol just kidding 😂 Go on solo and try taking off and landing for a while and doing all the procedures so you can get used to it :)

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Tape the mobile device to your fractured arm above your writst (carefully) and move your arm around like a yoke! The other hand can be used for controls. Depending on how turbulent it is, and your sensitivity, you may end up looking like your conducting an orchestra. Or just completely insane.

Seriously though, I wouldn’t put your xp in IF before the safety of your wrist! Rest it for a bit and go through some Piloteye-like or air crash investigation videos :)


Hopefully it becomes better. :)